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QFB diving buoy type aerator

Enterprise: Nanjing Beite Environmental Protection General Equipment ...

QFB submersible floating aerator is based on the original QXB submersible aerator (the motor is a submersible motor) at the bottom of the pool by its weight ...

Hitachi self-priming spiral aerator

Enterprise: Hitachi (China) Co., Ltd.

If there is an aerator that can perform aerobic and anaerobic agitation, many problems will be solved at once ...

Lingtai LGB Series Membrane Tube Aerator ...

Enterprise: Lingtai Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.

Based on the introduction of foreign advanced aeration technology, our company has independently developed a new generation of membrane tube ...

Green water DJT blast jet aerator

Enterprise: Hefei Lvshui Environmental Protection Technology Company

For chemical wastewater, landfill leachate, and high-concentration organic wastewater treatment. Oxidation ditch, SBR tank aeration ...

Blue deep diving aerator

Enterprise: Lanshen Group Co., Ltd.

The QXB centrifugal submersible aerator has a direct connection structure. The rotating impeller generates a centrifugal force in the water, which ...

Taiwan Chuanyuan Submersible Mixer Agent

Enterprise: Shanghai Kuosi Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd ....

Taiwan Chuanyuan Mixer

Shenbo environmental protection jet underwater aerator

Enterprise: Yixing Shenbo Environmental Protection Equipment has ...

Product introduction Jet underwater aerator is mainly composed of submersible electric pump, venturi tube, diffuser tube, inlet tube, etc ...

Hayston ARD Turntable Aerator

Enterprise: Beijing Heston Environmental Protection Equipment has ...

ARD rotary dish aerator is a horizontal axis horizontal aerator, which is widely used in urban sewage and industrial wastewater ...


Enterprise: Beijing Longquan Xinyu Technology Co., Ltd ....


Hayston ARB rotary brush aerator

Enterprise: Beijing Heston Environmental Protection Equipment has ...

ARB rotary brush aerator belongs to the horizontal axis aerator and is the key equipment of oxidation ditch treatment process.

What are your approved aeration equipment brands?

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