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Kubota MBR Flat Sheet (MF)

Enterprise: Collaborating with Eco (Beijing) Environment ...

The membrane module consists of a membrane frame (upper) and an aeration frame (lower). The membrane frame is provided with a hose and ...

SDI instrument / Millipore SDI instrument membrane filter H ...

Enterprise: Shanghai Jinghu Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd ....

US Millipore Model MILLIPORE HAWP04700 Type SDI Instrument Consumables Measuring Range SDI5…

25 micropores for microfiltration membrane scientific research experiment ...

Enterprise: Haining Junma filter equipment has ...

Scientific research experiments, environmental testing, syringe needle filters, filtering ultrafine particles and bacteria

Glass fiber membrane

Enterprise: Beijing Kangnong Xingmu Science and Technology Development ...

Mixed cellulose filter membrane (CA-CN), grid membrane, nitrocellulose (CN), cellulose acetate (CA), ...

Microfiltration membrane module and device

Enterprise: Guangzhou Yingniuwen membrane water treatment ...

Guangzhou Yingniuwen Membrane Water Treatment Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the professional production of ultrafiltration membranes for more than 20 years.

PP filter

Enterprise: Chongqing Tianyu Water Treatment Technology has ...

Specifications: 10 inches, 20 inches, 30 inches, 40 inches

JRT tubular microfiltration membrane

Enterprise: Jiarong Technology (Xiamen) Co., Ltd ...

JRT tubular microfiltration membrane can be used to directly separate the solution containing suspended matter. It has abrasion resistance and strong acid-base stability ...

Factory direct water supply organic microporous membrane

Enterprise: Haining Junma filter equipment has ...

Aqueous mixed fiber microporous membrane, PP organic solvent microporous membrane

Factory direct supply of foldable microporous membrane filter

Enterprise: Haining Junma filter equipment has ...

Gas oil liquid sterilization filter

NT-Micro tubular microfiltration membrane

Enterprise: Shenzhen Leshuntong Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has ...

Tubular microfiltration membrane, a good helper for electroplating wastewater treatment

What brands of membrane materials do you recognize?

Tianjin Membrane
IHP film
Big Dipper
Asahi Kasei
Qin Erkang
Clear water source
Rohm and Haas