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Foshan Chemical Filter Bag

Enterprise: Guangzhou Aoxing Filter Equipment Co., Ltd ....

Supply filter bag Foshan, chemical filter bag Foshan, Foshan filter bag manufacturers | Aoxing professional production of filter bags | liquid ...

Nuotai BFM type large flow multi-bag filter ...

Enterprise: Nuode (Shanghai) Water Purification Division ...

BFM large flow multi-bag filter bag machine

Beijing Chuanghengyuan CHY stainless steel ...

Enterprise: Beijing Chuanghengyuan Environmental Protection Equipment Division ...

The Israeli bag filter is produced by European and American company product standard organization, matched with imported materials from abroad, plus ...

River water sewage stainless steel bag filter

Enterprise: Haining Junma filter equipment has ...

The most convenient way to filter cement sand in rural water wells

Stainless steel multifunctional bag filter

Enterprise: Haining Junma filter equipment has ...

This filter has No. 1, No. 2 bag, No. 3, No. 4 bag, No. 5 bag, can hold up to 24

Liquid filter bag

Enterprise: Shanghai Zhihe Filter Material Co., Ltd ....

The liquid filter bag is based on the fluid pressure of the filter system. The filtered liquid passes through the filter bag, leaving impurities in the filter bag ...

Imported filter 0.5 micron filter bag

Enterprise: Guangdong Filter Equipment Factory

Longtian wholesale, wholesale filter, 0.5 micron filter bag

Titanium rod filter

Enterprise: Shijiazhuang Yida Filter

I. Model selection 1. The use of filter elements is very wide. There are many types and specifications of filter elements. The choice model is ...

Bag filter

Enterprise: Beijing Kaitong Century Environmental Protection Technology ...

It is a pressure type device. Liquid flows into the filter bag from the side inlet pipe of the filter housing. The filter bag itself is the device ...

PP Polypropylene Plastic Ring Full Hot Melt Filter Bag (…

Enterprise: Guangdong Filter Equipment Factory

Acid and alkali resistant filter bag, hot melt filter bag, steel ring filter bag

What filter brands do you recognize?

Zhongchuang Technology
Crown Dragon
Tian Gang
Kun Yuan