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Brief introduction of wastewater reuse technology in iron and steel industry

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At present, in the cold rolling, hot rolling and color coating production processes of the steel industry, there are two types of oily waste water, thick and thin, which are mainly emulsified oil, degreasing agents, lubricants, surfactants, sulfides, SS, Fe and organic or inorganic impurities such as acid and alkali. Due to the complex composition and poor biochemical properties of this oily wastewater, it is difficult for general treatment processes to discharge it up to standard. At present, most of the domestic and foreign countries use physical and chemical treatment methods, that is, adding drugs, demulsification, coagulation, sedimentation (or air flotation), filtration and strong oxidation processes. The disadvantages are complex processes, large sludge volume, and high labor intensity. , Poor safety, unstable effluent quality or difficult to meet standards for discharge, high operating costs, and secondary pollution problems.

Reuse technology

The smelting waste water and steel rolling waste water produced by the steel plant during the production process reach the standard of turbid water after dosing, coagulation, sedimentation, and filtration, and are discharged into the sump. The water mainly contains suspended matter, oil, and iron. Wastewater from smelting and rolling mills is discharged in addition to meeting the requirements for turbid water, and some of it is now reused, and the rest is used for turbid water to reduce emissions.

The schematic diagram of the steel wastewater reuse process is as follows:

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