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Background of waste paper papermaking wastewater treatment

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In 2008, the total pulp consumption of the Chinese paper industry was 73.60 million tons, of which 44.39 million tons of waste pulp, accounting for 60.3% of the total, an increase of 10.5% over 2007. As waste paper recycled papermaking can effectively achieve the reuse of plant fiber resources and reduce the environmental pollution load, with the continuous advancement of technology, the proportion of wastepaper recycled papermaking continues to increase, and at the same time, the waste water produced in its production process has Much attention. According to statistics from the national environmental protection department, the paper industry's waste water discharge in 2007 was 4.25 billion tons, and the standard discharge was 3.83 billion tons, accounting for 90.1% of the total discharge. 600 million tons, water reuse rate is 51.4%. At present, domestic papermaking (waste paper) wastewater treatment mostly focuses on partial recycling and discharge of treated water quality, and as a result, the reduction of wastewater discharge and treatment water quality is not satisfactory. In recent years, closed circulation and "zero discharge" technology of papermaking wastewater have become important research directions in papermaking wastewater treatment technology.

As an important renewable resource, waste paper recycling has good economic and social benefits, and is of great significance to environmental protection and resource utilization. Using waste paper for pulping and papering can not only reduce deforestation, but also reduce pollution caused by pulping directly with raw materials. At present, most countries around the world attach great importance to the recycling and reuse of waste paper and have adopted many corresponding measures. Some developed countries have even established a series of laws and regulations to improve the waste paper collection system to improve the recycling rate of waste paper. Compared with pulping and papermaking with virgin plant fibers, the waste water pollution from waste papermaking is greatly reduced. However, the content of COD and BOD in the waste paper and papermaking wastewater is still high, and the suspended matter mainly includes ink, fiber, filler, and auxiliary. If it is discharged into the receiving water body without treatment, it will cause serious pollution to the environment.

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Comments on " Background for Waste Paper and Paper Wastewater Treatment "
1st floor undefined 2012-04-19

It is recommended to increase efforts in the development of new wastewater treatment technologies and research on zero-emission clean production processes, optimization of wastewater treatment equipment, and use of chemicals.

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2nd floor yanyifang 2013-11-19

undefined is pretty good. In fact, the treatment of papermaking wastewater is no longer an issue. New zero-emission technologies and new agents can solve this problem well.

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