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What is the Fenton method?

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In recent years, the research of advanced oxidation technology used to treat refractory organic wastewater has made significant progress. Advanced oxidation technology, also known as deep oxidation technology, brings together the latest research results of modern optical, electrical, acoustic, magnetic, materials and other similar disciplines, and is expected to become a "killer" for the treatment of organic waste, especially refractory organic waste. At present, advanced oxidation technologies mainly include chemical oxidation, photocatalytic oxidation, wet oxidation, and supercritical water oxidation. Among them, the traditional Fenton oxidation method, compared with other advanced oxidation processes, is simpler, faster, and can produce flocculation. Advantages are highly appreciated. Fenton method has unique advantages in the treatment of difficult-to-degrade organic pollutants and is a promising wastewater treatment technology.

In 1894, the British HJHFenton discovered that using Fe 2+ / H 2 O 2 system can oxidize a variety of organic compounds. Later generations remembered that he called the combination of ferrous salts and hydrogen peroxide as Fenton reagent, which can effectively oxidize and remove difficult-to-degrade organic compounds that cannot be removed by traditional wastewater treatment technologies. Under the formation of highly reactive hydroxyl radicals ( OH), OH can interact with most organic substances to cause degradation. With the deepening of research, ultraviolet light (UV) and oxalate (C 2 O 2 -4 ) were introduced into Fenton reagent, which greatly enhanced its oxidation ability. In a broad sense, the Fenton method is a technology for treating organic matter by generating a hydroxyl radical ( OH) through H 2 O 2 using a catalyst, or light radiation, or electrochemical action. From the perspective of the development process, the Fenton method has basically developed along the two lines of photochemistry and electrochemistry.

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