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Overview of the chlor-alkali industry

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Industrially, the method of electrolytically saturated NaCl solution is used to prepare NaOH, Cl2 and H2, and a series of chemical products are produced by using them as raw materials, which is called chlor-alkali industry. The chlor-alkali industry is one of the most basic chemical industries. Its products are widely used in the light industry, textile industry, metallurgical industry, petrochemical industry and public utilities in addition to the chemical industry itself.

The chlor-alkali industry is a basic chemical raw material industry. Its products involve many areas of the national economy and people's lives. According to estimates, chlor-alkali can create 500-700 million yuan of industrial output value per 10,000 tons. The development of the chlor-alkali industry is an urgent desire of the relevant industrial sectors, and its level of development reflects, to a certain extent, the degree of development of a country's national economy. But at the same time, we see that the chlor-alkali industry is a large consumer of water and pollution. One of the environmental issues that China's chlor-alkali industry urgently needs to address is the control of persistent organic pollutants in chlorine-containing products.

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