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Electrocoagulation concepts and principles

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Electrocoagulation, also known as electroflocculation, is the use of a soluble anode to generate a large number of cations under the action of external voltage to coacervate and precipitate colloidal wastewater. Iron or aluminum is usually selected as the anode material. A metal electrode (such as aluminum) is placed in the treated water, and then a direct current is applied. At this time, the aluminum ions generated by the oxidation reaction of the metal anode are hydrolyzed and polymerized in water to form a series of polynuclear hydrolysates. The mechanism is basically the same as the chemical coagulation method.

At the same time, the new ecological hydrogen produced on the cathode in the electric condensator has a strong reducing ability, and can react with pollutants in the waste water or generate hydrogen. There may also be oxygen released on the anode, and hydrogen and oxygen appear in the form of micro-bubbles. Good contact performance can be obtained by contacting with suspended particles during water treatment, thereby improving water treatment efficiency.

In addition, under the action of current, some organic matter in wastewater may be decomposed into low-molecular-weight organic matter, and may also be directly oxidized to CO, and H, O without generating sludge. The part of organic matter that has not been completely oxidized can also be suspended solids. The particles are adsorbed and condensed by AI (OH) and floated and separated by the hydrogen and oxygen. In short, electrocoagulation of raw water and wastewater is a synergistic effect of multiple processes, and pollutants are easily removed under these effects.

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