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Classification of mechanical grate incinerators

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There are many types of mechanical grate, including chain, step reciprocating, multi-segment rolling and open-shaped grate. However, except for the chain type and stepped reciprocating type, the other grate are all patented grate.

①Chain grate

The structure of the chain grate is simple, and there is no stirring or turning of garbage. Garbage is disturbed only when it is dropped from one furnace to the next, and it is easy for local garbage to burn through and local garbage not to be burned out. This phenomenon is particularly prominent for large-scale incinerators. In addition, the chain grate is not suitable for incineration of wastes containing a large amount of granular waste and waste plastic. Therefore, chain grate is rarely used in foreign incineration plants. However, some small and medium-sized waste incinerators in China still use this grate.

Chain grate

② Ladder reciprocating grate

There are two types of fixed and movable grate. The fixed and movable grate are placed alternately. The reciprocating motion of the movable grate is driven by a hydraulic cylinder or mechanically. The reciprocating frequency can be adjusted within a relatively large range according to the production capacity, and the operation and control are convenient.

The reciprocating motion of the stepped reciprocating grate can flip the material layer and loosen it, so that the combustion air can fully contact it, and its performance is better than that of the chain grate.

The step reciprocating grate incinerator has a strong adaptability to waste treatment, and can be used for the incineration of wastes with high water content and solid waste mainly composed of surface combustion and decomposition combustion, but it is not suitable for low particulate matter and plastic. Melting point waste.

Reciprocating grate

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