Why join Guteng.com?

1. Environmental protection is the sunrise industry, and the Internet is also the sunrise industry. Guteng Environmental Protection Network is the environment + the Internet, so it is the sunrise in the sunrise! Join the Guteng environmental protection network, you will enter a rapidly developing sunrise industry!

2. Guteng Environmental Protection Network is a subsidiary of China Environmental Protection Industry Association and the only business portal with an official background in the field of environmental protection in China!

3. The service group of Guteng Environmental Protection Network is environmental protection companies in China, and the number of enterprises is as high as 38,000! You have enough customer resources for your talents!

4. Guteng Environmental Protection Network is a very young team. The largest staff member is not more than 40 years old. You can definitely find work fun and career companions here!

5. As China's leading environmental protection industry portal site and excellent business service organization, you will get enough respect and recognition!

6. The most important thing is that Guteng Environmental Protection Network is a new Internet company. There are too many development opportunities you can't imagine!

Company Profile:

Guteng Environmental Network rdmswim.com

Address: Room 205, Building A, Shengshijia Park, No. 98 Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100022

Add: A-205 ShengShi JiaYuan, NO.98 Jianguo Street, Chaoyang Distric, Beijing, China

Phone / Tel: 8610-65815687 / 65818146/65812031

Fax: 8610-65819546

Contact / Contact Person: Cheng Bingxin

Email / Email: service@rdmswim.com

Website: http://rdmswim.com

Founded in 2007, Goteng Environmental Protection Network (rdmswim.com) is hosted by the China Environmental Protection Industry Association and undertaken by Beijing Yinguteng Network Technology Co., Ltd. It is committed to providing technical communication and business cooperation services for Chinese environmental protection enterprises and users. B2B internet platform. Guteng.com takes the responsibility of promoting the development of China's environmental protection industry, pays close attention to industry needs, actively promotes fresh and excellent environmental protection practical technologies, solutions, equipment and enterprises, and displays typical engineering cases with demonstration and promotion value. Guteng Environmental Protection Network believes that it is its own value to provide environmental users with the most suitable environmental engineering technology, solutions, and equipment information. Based on this core work content, it actively develops and provides unique Internet business information services. Guteng Environmental Protection Network also prepared a powerful technical exchange platform for environmental protection professionals. This is the best place for environmental protection technicians to learn, exchange and meet friends. Technological innovation is the core driving force for the sustainable development of the market. Guteng Environmental Protection Network is ready to provide services to environmentally-friendly enterprises with innovative core technologies and to build the best technology and equipment solution configuration platform for environmental users.

As of December 2012, Guteng Environmental Protection Network already has 4 sub-channel websites for water, gas, sound, and solid waste, with 90,000 registered members, 15,000 registered companies, and monthly visits of more than 300,000. It is influential in China's environmental protection field. Industry portal.


Due to the needs of website operation and development, Guteng Environmental Protection Network is hiring the following positions. Interested parties are requested to contact in time:

1. Professional editor of Environmental Protection Network
1. Job responsibilities:
  • ◆ Professional information release
  • ◆ Information release
  • ◆ Feature Production
  • ◆ Interview planning and writing
  • ◆ Original Article
  • ◆ Comprehensive review (Gu Teng's perspective)

2. Salary standard: 2500 ~ 4000 yuan / month

3. Application requirements:

  • ◆ Environmental engineering, environmental science, water supply and drainage, chemical engineering, journalism and other related majors
  • ◆ Under 30 years of age
  • ◆ Can use Photoshop for image processing and editing, familiar with the use of html language
  • ◆ Good English
  • ◆ Have good text organization ability
  • ◆ Strong communication skills
  • ◆ Work experience in environmental protection company is preferred
Two freelance website editors
1. Job responsibilities:
  • ◆ Responsible for the collection, sorting and updating of website content information;
  • ◆ Responsible for maintaining the channels of the website;

2. Application requirements:

  • ◆ Have good writing skills and be able to independently write fake original manuscripts;
  • ◆ Like editing work, have a sense of innovation and teamwork;
  • ◆ Careful and patient work, strong sense of responsibility, strong learning ability, and good communication skills.
Third, the e-commerce editor
1. Job responsibilities:
  • ◆ Review new product information of enterprise users, correct wrong information and improve product accuracy.
  • ◆ Review the business opportunity information published by individual users and corporate users on the website to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the information.
  • ◆ Responsible for the improvement of product information, the increase of new products, the release of new supply information, and the update of information, uploading of information and cases.
  • ◆ Collection of environmental engineering information on government, engineering, and bidding websites.
  • ◆ Posting on environmental protection peer websites and professional forums.
  • ◆ Keep online during working hours and answer questions from potential customers at any time; and actively join the industry group to communicate with peers to improve the visibility of Guten.

2. Salary standard:

  • ◆ Salary standard: 2000 ~ 2500 yuan / month
3. Application requirements:
  • ◆ Will use common office software;
  • ◆ Experience in editing e-commerce websites;
  • ◆ Good writing skills and quick thinking;
  • ◆ Can use Photoshop for image processing and editing, familiar with the use of html language;
  • ◆ Conscientious work, responsible, down-to-earth and team spirit;
Four sales representatives
1. Job responsibilities:
  • ◆ Customer development and routine maintenance
  • ◆ Product and service sales

2. Salary standard:

  • ◆ Salary standard: 2000 ~ 2500 yuan / month
  • ◆ Salary structure: basic salary + commission + reward
3. Application requirements:
  • ◆ Unlimited professions, technical secondary school or above
  • ◆ Male or female
  • ◆ Skilled in using internet and office software
  • ◆ Strong communication skills
  • ◆ Have certain pressure resistance
  • ◆ Love sales
V. 1 customer service assistant
1. Job responsibilities:
  • ◆ Member review
  • ◆ Member service execution
  • ◆ Member relationship maintenance
  • ◆ Member demand feedback and processing
  • ◆ Member service report writing

2. Salary standard: 2000 ~ 2500 yuan / month

3. Application requirements:

  • ◆ College degree or above
  • ◆ Women
  • ◆ Pragmatic and patient
  • ◆ Strong communication skills
  • ◆ Skilled in using internet and office software
  • ◆ Environmental background is preferred
Six, webpage artists (part-time)
1. Job responsibilities:
  • ◆ Responsible for the design, revision and update of the company website;
  • ◆ Responsible for designing, editing and beautifying the interface of the company's products;
  • ◆ Art design for the company's publicity products;
  • ◆ Responsible for the design of advertisements and themes within the client and the system;
  • ◆ Responsible for working with developers to complete the front page design and editing of websites under their jurisdiction;
  • ◆ Other work related to art design.

2. Salary: Negotiable

3. Application requirements:

  • ◆ Fine arts, graphic design related majors, college degree or above;
  • ◆ More than two years of web design and graphic design work experience;
  • ◆ Have solid art skills, good creative thinking and understanding ability, and be able to grasp customer needs in time;
  • ◆ Proficient in design software such as Photoshop / Dreamweaver / Illustrator, have a good understanding of picture rendering and visual effects;
  • ◆ Good at communicating with others, good teamwork spirit and high sense of responsibility, able to withstand pressure, innovative spirit, and guarantee the quality of work.

Resume posting: 160107017@qq.com