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1. All the content of this website, all text, pictures, audio and video materials marked "Source: Guteng Environmental Protection Network" are copyrighted by Guteng Environmental Protection Network. Any media, website or individual may not be reproduced without the authorization of this website agreement. , Link, repost, or otherwise reproduce the posting / posting. Media and websites that have been authorized by this website agreement must indicate "Manuscript Source: Guteng Environmental Protection Network" when downloading and using. The offenders will be held accountable according to law.

2. The works reproduced on this website do not mean that they agree with their views or confirm the authenticity and validity of their content. Other media, websites or personal reprints may not misinterpret or modify the original content of this website without authorization. At the same time, this website's notes The source of the manuscript is clear and legal responsibility is assumed. This website does not bear any responsibility for civil disputes, administrative treatment or other losses caused by improperly reprinting or quoting the content of this website.

3. Any manuscripts such as text / pictures marked "Source: XXX" on this website are reproduced on this website for the purpose of conveying more information.

4. In addition to the content of "Source: Guteng Environmental Protection Network", the following content on this website cannot be arbitrarily reproduced:
a. Link content related to non-local content pointed to by this website;
b. The content of the statement that no reprinting or reprinting has been made without permission has been made;
c. Non-copyright content such as the works of others not signed by this website or quoted or reproduced by this website;
d. Unique graphics, logos, page styles, layout methods, procedures, etc. in this website;
e. Contents on this website that must have special authorization or registered user qualifications to know;
f. Content that is not allowed by other laws or that this website does not consider suitable for reprinting.

5. Guten Environmental Protection Network has the right to explain and explain all contents of Guten Environmental Protection Network. Guten Environmental Protection Network has the right to modify and update the copyrighted materials at any time.

6. Reprint or quote the signed article in this website, please pay the author's remuneration as required.

7. For works published on this website involving copyright and other issues, the author is requested to contact Guteng Environmental Protection Network within two weeks.

8. This website reserves the right to pursue legal responsibility for those who do not abide by this statement or other illegal and malicious use of the content of this website.