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Notice of Henan Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment on Printing and Distributing 6 Special Plans for the Prevention and Control of Industrial Air Pollution in Henan Province

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Eco-environment bureaus of provinces and municipalities:

The `` Henan Province 2019 Non-electricity Industry Standards Improvement and Control Plan '', `` Henan Province 2019 Industrial Organization's Unorganized Emissions Treatment Plan '', `` Henan Province 2019 Industrial Furnace Pollution Control Plan '', and `` Henan Province 2019 Volatility '' Organic matter management plan, Henan Province's 2019 comprehensive boiler renovation plan, and Henan province's pollution control plan for the foundry industry in 2019, 6 special plans are issued and you are notified as follows:

The first is to strengthen organizational leadership and pay close attention to implementation. The treatment of industrial air pollution is an important part of the province's battle against air pollution, and it is a clear requirement for the battle against air pollution in 2019, which is directly related to the improvement of the province's ambient air quality. All localities must attach great importance to strengthening the overall coordination, technical guidance and supervision and inspection of industrial air pollution prevention and control. In accordance with the requirements of the six special programs, deepen the governance requirements, refine the task list, clarify work responsibilities, study and promote measures, and do a good job of implementation. To ensure that governance tasks are completed on time.

The second is to conduct investigations while governing, and to ensure that the governance is complete. Based on the second survey of pollution sources, the Provincial Department and other localities initially determined the list of enterprises to be treated, and entered the list into the province's industrial pollution prevention and dispatching system. All localities shall conduct in-depth inspections on the status of organized emission control, unorganized emission control, and VOCs management of enterprises included in the governance list. For those who have completed the governance, they shall report the progress of governance in accordance with "completed"; , Urge enterprises to improve their governance facilities as soon as possible and complete the governance on schedule; for single scientific research institutions, marketing agencies, logistics agencies, service industries, individual industrial and commercial households, and zombie enterprises, the remarks indicate specific reasons, and governance is not required; for companies that are not on the governance list In time, through the province's industrial pollution dispatching system to add to the list of treatment, and carry out treatment according to industry requirements.

The third is to strengthen dispatching and law enforcement to ensure completion on schedule. All localities shall regularly organize on-site supervision, timely grasp the work progress, find out problems, clarify rectification requirements, and strive to start all governance projects as soon as possible to ensure that tasks are completed on schedule. For industrial enterprises listed in the governance list, monthly dispatch is implemented, and local governments must report the project progress by the 5th of each month through the industrial pollution prevention and dispatch system. At the same time, we must pay close attention to key regions, key time periods, and key enterprises, and adopt methods such as surprise law enforcement, night inspections and unannounced visits, and "point-point" law enforcement to conduct regular law enforcement inspections of pollution control in key industries. For enterprises that fail to achieve the standard discharge within the time limit, they shall be ordered to correct or limit production, stop production and rectification in accordance with the law, and be fined to severely crack down on violations of the atmospheric environment and protect public health and social stability.

The fourth is to build benchmark enterprises and implement green environmental protection dispatch. All localities should enhance their awareness of service, earnestly implement the "Implementation Plan of Henan Province's Green Environmental Protection Dispatching System (Trial)" (Yuanhuan Wen [2018] No. 280), and actively guide and help companies to formulate governance programs, improve the level of pollutant treatment, and optimize the transportation of materials Structure, create a green manufacturing system, beautify the factory appearance, strive to create a green environmental protection leading enterprise, and promote high-quality development.

Annex 1 Henan Province's non-electricity industry bid promotion and management plan in 2019.pdf

Annex 2 Henan Province's 2019 Organizational Emissions Remediation Program.pdf

Annex 3 Henan Province's Industrial Furnace Pollution Control Plan 2019.pdf

Annex 4 Henan Province's 2019 Volatile Organic Matter Control Plan.pdf

Annex 5 Henan Province Comprehensive Boiler Improvement Plan for 2019.pdf

Attachment 6 Henan Province pollution control plan for the foundry industry in 2019.pdf

April 4, 2019

Host: Atmospheric Pollution Control Division Supervision: Atmospheric Pollution Control Division

Office of Henan Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment April 4, 2019 Annex and original text: http://www.hnep.gov.cn/xxgk/hbwj/yhw/erlingyijiu/webinfo/2019/04/1554768634555075.htm

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