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Notice of Guangdong Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment on Doing a Good Job in the Management of Total Volatile Organic Compounds for Construction Projects in Key Industries

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Eco-environment bureaus listed at various levels:

Under the strong leadership of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, all regions and departments in the province took the opportunity to accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading and promote the reform of the ecological civilization system, and fully implemented the deployment of the State Council's "winning the defense of the blue sky". Perfect, the province's air quality remains stable, and some indicators have improved significantly. In 2018, the province's annual average concentration of air quality reached the standard for the fourth consecutive year, and the Pearl River Delta achieved the annual average concentration of PM2.5 for the fourth consecutive year. However, the ozone (O3) concentration is on the rise and has become the most important pollution factor affecting the air quality of our province. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are important precursors for the generation of O3 and PM2.5, and are the key factors that restrict the proportion of days with excellent air quality (AQI compliance rate) and achieve overall compliance.

During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, the State Council implemented a total amount of VOCs control assessment in 16 provinces (cities) including Guangdong. In order to ensure the completion of the national “13th Five-Year Plan” VOCs emission reduction targets, strengthen the management of VOCs total indicators for key industry construction projects, do a good job of guiding the environmental impact assessment of industrial enterprises, strictly control the emission of new pollutants, and win Defense against blue sky. According to the "Interim Measures for the Review and Management of Total Emissions of Major Pollutants in Construction Projects" (Huanfa [2014] No. 197), the Guangdong Province Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Remediation and Emission Reduction Work Plan (2018-2020) ( Yuehuanfa [2018] No. 6) requires that the management of the total VOCs indicators for construction projects in key industries be notified as follows:

1. All localities should manage the total VOCs emissions of construction projects in accordance with the requirements of "optimal design, advanced equipment, and strictest management", and dynamically manage the total VOCs indicators in accordance with the principle of "decrease and increase by increment". New, reconstructed and expanded key industry construction projects that emit VOCs should implement a total substitution system. Key industries include oil refining and petrochemicals, chemical raw materials and chemical products manufacturing, chemical raw material manufacturing, synthetic fiber manufacturing, surface coating, printing, manufacturing 12 industries including shoes, furniture manufacturing, wood-based panel manufacturing, electronic component manufacturing, textile printing and dyeing, plastic manufacturing and plastic products.

2. For cities in the Pearl River Delta region that are listed on the market and that the annual assessment of ambient air quality in the previous year did not meet the standards or that the pollution load was close to the upper limit of the carrying capacity, new VOCs emissions from construction projects will be implemented, and “point-to-point” pollution sources within the administrative region will be doubled. In principle, it is not allowed to accept “replaceable total indicators” for VOCs in other regions. The total amount of VOCs required for construction projects in other cities will be reduced by the same amount.

3. The review and management of the total VOCs emission indicators for construction projects are linked to the completion of the total emission reduction targets. For areas where the total emission reduction target progress lags behind the time-series progress, the environmental impact assessment of new VOCs pollutant emission construction projects shall not be approved. Provincial eco-environmental authorities are responsible for reviewing and approving new, renovated, and expanded VOCs-related emissions projects, and the localities of the project location issue the opinions of the source of the total VOCS indicators and alternative reduction plans from the listed eco-environmental authorities. The other VOCs-related emission projects approved by other levels of the competent ecological environment department shall follow the practice of the project approved by the Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment, and carry out total substitution.

4. For new, reconstructed and expanded projects with VOCs emissions greater than 300 kg / year, replace the total amount, and fill in the source description of the VOCs indicators in accordance with Schedule 1. If other emission scales need to be replaced by the total amount, the eco-environmental authority at the corresponding level shall determine the scope on its own, review the source of the total amount indicator in accordance with the requirements, and fill in the source description of the total VOCs indicator.

V. Eco-environmental authorities at all levels shall gradually establish and improve the review of the total indicators of VOCs construction projects in their respective administrative regions, and replace the reduction management account, establish a database of emission reduction project inventory in accordance with Schedule 2, and record the construction project names, numbers, and total Information such as indicators, alternative reduction plans, approval opinions, and actual emissions after the project is completed is implemented with dynamic management.

6. New, renovation, expansion and emission reduction projects involving VOCs emissions are calculated in accordance with the calculation method of volatile organic compound emissions in key industries in Guangdong Province (the specific accounting methods shall be separately formulated by the provincial competent department of ecological environment). The environmental impact assessment documents for construction projects should contain the total content of VOCs control, put forward total indicators and alternative reduction plans, and provide detailed calculation basis.

7. The “substitutable total indicator” refers to the annual emission reduction that can be formed under normal conditions after industrial enterprises take emission reduction measures after January 1, 2016, or from existing enterprises, facilities or governance projects that are intended to replace shutdown. Advances can be made in the amount of reductions that can be formed, and alternative reduction plans must be put in place before construction projects are put into production.

8. The prefecture-level listed eco-environment competent department shall report the total amount of VOCs indicators of construction projects in the administrative region to the provincial eco-environment competent department within 10 working days at the beginning of every six months.

IX. The Provincial Eco-Environmental Department is responsible for the interpretation of this notice. It will be implemented from the date of issuance and valid for 5 years.

attachment1. Source description of total VOCs indicators for new projects

2. Database of new projects and emission reduction projects

Department of Ecological Environment of Guangdong Province

March 14, 2019

Source and attachment: http://zwgk.gd.gov.cn/006940060/201903/t20190328_801735.html

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