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Correction of Sewage Treatment Plant Decorations Should Find "Stain"

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If you do not see more and more serious problems than staff data falsification, the "quality" of verification and accountability will be greatly reduced.

A good people's livelihood project turned into a decoration. According to clues, Xinhua News Agency recently launched an investigation into the domestic sewage treatment plant in Jinping Town, Haizhou District, Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province. The investigation found that the government invested 3.75 million yuan in the sewage treatment plant, which has been "sunbathing" since its completion, and that the treatment equipment has been idle for a long time. In order to cope with the investigation, the factory also fabricated data to falsify records, creating the illusion of "normal operation every day".

This is obviously contrary to the original intention of the local government. The Jinping Town Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant was originally a 2014 Jiangsu Province Rural Network Renovation Project, designed to collect and treat domestic sewage within a town area of about 2.8 square kilometers and improve the living environment of local residents. Unexpectedly, such a good thing that should have won the hearts of the people was smashed. The unnamed sewage treatment not only means a huge waste of public input, but also seriously hurts the credibility of the local government. It is surprising and disappointing that a government-planned sewage treatment plant has not been able to operate normally. Unexpectedly, the sewage treatment plant that does not handle sewage has actually been "upgraded" to become a "data processing plant"-the factory. And the local government departments did not hesitate to cover up their eyes with data fraud. This is too much, no wonder the local people will have resentment, so that this "ugly incident" will be brought out.

As some experts have said, the construction of township sewage treatment plants must be practical and practical. We cannot make "headshot" decisions, let alone image projects. Regrettably, all kinds of "signs" show that the Jinping Town Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant is just an image project shot by "shooting the head". The project was originally planned to be a supporting project for the renovation of the Jinping phosphate mine shantytown. Due to the opposition of nearby residents, the site was changed to the current location. It was not connected to some pipe networks until July last year. . The project was hurriedly established without full investigation. When the local public objected, the network conditions and the amount of sewage collected were ignored, and the factory address was hurriedly changed. Only when the factory was completed was found that the existing sewage collection capacity was simply insufficient to maintain the normal operation of the entire sewage treatment plant. In the end, it was simply decided to leave the equipment idle, leaving a few people to support it in the factory, and to manipulate the data records to create all the normal illusions.

After the intervention of authoritative media, the local government department "highly attached importance" to the problems found, and immediately put forward rectification measures such as speeding up the construction of the town's sewage network, replacing the main body of operation and maintenance, and installing online monitoring equipment. Although such rectification can not recover the losses and impacts already caused, it is still worthy of recognition. Next, the key lies in two points: one is to see if the rectification measures can be really implemented and achieve the desired effect of correcting errors; the other is to strictly investigate the responsibilities of relevant departments and personnel according to laws and regulations based on detailed inspection. In contrast, the latter point is even more important. According to reports, Haizhou District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision has initiated inspections and accountability for staff data fraud and other issues. It must be pointed out that if there are no more serious and serious problems than staff data falsification, the "quality" of verification and accountability will be greatly reduced. Staff involvement in data falsification, even if not voluntary, should be held accountable. However, the "relevant persons" who stand behind them, far or near, cannot be taken lightly. For such a large sewage treatment plant, from project establishment to construction to "operation", many people are "well-involved", some are responsible for leadership and management, and some may even be suspected of malfeasance and corruption. If these people are not identified, their problems are identified, and accountability is strictly enforced, verification and accountability will inevitably be perfunctory and avoid the importance.

The lessons from the Jinping Town Sewage Treatment Plant remind us that if a people's livelihood project is to truly become a "people's mind project", local governments must play a twelve-point spirit, and must not take the planning argumentation and project supervision lightly because it is doing a good job.

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