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Big data opens "sky eye" for environmental monitoring of waste incineration

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On December 2, 2019, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment issued the "Administrative Regulations on the Application of Automatic Monitoring Data for Domestic Waste Incineration Power Plants", which means that the massive monitoring data collected by "installation, tree, and coalition" will truly become a powerful grasp of environmental supervision and enforcement . The "sky eye" constituted by big data will continue to promote the standardized development of the incineration industry.

"Tianyan" allows illegal pollution discharge to escape, and protects environmental law enforcement. Since 2017, the “installation, tree, and coalition” has been fully rolled out in the incineration industry. By 2019, it has covered 353 garbage incineration plants across the country. The working parameters of the five kinds of conventional flue gas pollutants and furnace temperature, etc. generated by the waste incineration are real-time. Dynamic monitoring, which incineration plant emits emissions exceeding standards, and which incineration plant is unstable, can be seen at a glance. However, before the "Management Regulations" were promulgated, the feedback of "installation, tree, and coalition" could not be the basis for environmental law enforcement punishment. Penalties for incineration plants exceeding the standard only depended on quarterly supervisory monitoring, and the potential of massive data was not fully realized. Excavation, the environmental supervision of the incineration plant still has dead ends. Therefore, the compilation and implementation of the "Management Regulations" is an inevitable trend under the current standardized background of the waste incineration industry. Big data will be used to implement continuous supervision and enforcement, and further deepen the meaning and role of "Sky Eye".

"Sky Eye" pursues authenticity and reliability, and does not allow enterprises to fool through the border. Based on the status quo of the incineration plant industry in China and the characteristics of automatic monitoring data, the Management Regulations clearly determine the methods, limits and evidence collection requirements for data exceeding the standard, accurate to the minute level, and all abnormal data requires the company to mark and explain, not to mention the slightest Sloppy and perfunctory. However, "Sky Eye" is not just a cold and rigid machine. The "Administrative Regulations", on the basis of fully investigating domestic incineration plants and extensively soliciting opinions from all walks of life, list out exemptions such as fault emissions and furnace shutdowns and maintenance, giving enterprises a certain amount of flexibility and achieving humanized management. For enterprises suspected of data fraud and misrepresentation of exemptions, the regulatory and law enforcement departments will find out the truth by retrieving data for investigation, on-site inspection and evidence collection, etc., and pursue criminal responsibility in accordance with the law. Enterprises will not be allowed to confuse the customs and ensure that the enterprises upload to the monitoring The platform's data is authentic.

"Tianyan" is a testimony of self-restraint of enterprises and a wake-up call for the healthy development of the industry. The implementation of effective supervision and punishment of enterprises through big data is actually determined to force enterprises to strictly control themselves. The passive mentality of "requiring me to achieve the standard" is transformed into the initiative of "requiring me to achieve the standard". The operational problems reflected in the monitoring data, targeted effective rectification measures, and constantly improve the operating conditions and operating parameters of the incineration plant to achieve long-term and stable standards. "Tianyan" is a mirror that reflects the company's efforts to continuously and stably emit emissions, so that indolents and lucky chancers can take shape. "Tianyan" is also a wake-up call, reminding the incineration industry at all times what issues need attention. Let law enforcement agencies and enterprises always go forward seriously and not go astray.

With the continuous development of information and intelligence in the era, the use of big data to promote the environmental management of waste incineration is the only way for the development of the entire industry. The key to progress is to deeply explore the value and potential of big data, so that the "sky eye" becomes a regulatory " Killer. "

Author unit: South China Institute of Environmental Sciences, Ministry of Ecology and Environment

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