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Pollution Conditions Pollution Sources Overlay "Haze" in Heilongjiang

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The reporter learned from the Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment that in the morning of the 9th to the 10th, Harbin, Daqing, Qiqihar, Suihua, Mudanjiang and other places suffered from polluted weather. From 9 am on the 9th to 7 am on the 10th, Harbin City suffered 23 hours of mildly polluted weather and above, including severe pollution for 2 hours. As of 7 am on the 10th, the ambient air quality was moderate pollution. At 8 o'clock on the 9th to 7 o'clock on the 10th, light pollution and above occurred in Daqing City, Mudanjiang City, Suihua City, and Qiqihar City for 18, 15, 7, and 15 hours, respectively.

According to the analysis of Heilongjiang Provincial Environmental Monitoring Center Station, the pollution days encountered this time were mainly due to poor meteorological spreading conditions and the overlap of local and foreign pollution sources.

On the morning of the 10th, the ground in Heilongjiang was in the front of the cold air. In most areas, the ground pressure gradient was weak, and the wind force was small. A pressure equalization field was formed in the southern area, which was not conducive to the spread of pollution and the accumulation of pollutants. From the night of the 9th to the morning of the 10th, the ground wind in Harbin showed a trend of weakening. The night wind speed on the 9th reached a maximum of nearly 6 meters / second (wind level 4), and then gradually weakened. After 23:00, the wind speed decreased to 2 meters / second. Below (wind force 2), the wind direction changed from southwest wind to northeast wind; during the night of 9th to 10th, the relative humidity of Harbin maintained a high level, up to 88%, during which there was no significant precipitation and no wet settlement, plus The wind is weak in the morning, providing conditions for pollutant accumulation and secondary pollutant generation.

Through the analysis of single particle aerosol flight mass spectrometer to analyze the source of local particulate matter, it can be seen that the pollution was mainly caused by coal combustion, vehicle exhaust and secondary inorganic sources. From the monitoring results (extinction coefficient and atmospheric boundary layer) of aerosol lidar in Harbin, Suihua, and Mudanjiang, it can be seen that the pollution was mainly concentrated in Harbin and surrounding areas due to pollutants generated from local sources and external transmission. Impact of settlement.

According to the encryption consultation between Heilongjiang Environmental Monitoring Center Station and the Provincial Meteorological Observatory, on the 10th, the air quality in northwestern Heilongjiang was mainly excellent-good, and other areas were mainly good-light pollution. Harbin may show moderate and short-term air pollution. Above pollution. From 11th to 12th, the air quality in the northern region of Heilongjiang is mainly excellent-good, and light pollution may occur in the short term, while the southern region is mainly good-light pollution, and moderate pollution may occur in the short term. From 13th to 17th, the air quality in the northern region of Heilongjiang was mainly excellent-good, and the southern region was mainly good-light pollution.

During the pollution day, in order to effectively improve the ambient air quality, on the 9th, Harbin, Qiqihar, Mudanjiang, Daqing, Suihua and other cities launched a night investigation of law enforcement on atmospheric environment. More than 80 law enforcement officers (times) and more than 20 vehicles (times) were dispatched. 63 enterprises were inspected, of which 20 were "three piles" enterprises, 12 were heavy-ignition coal enterprises, 23 were heating enterprises, and 8 were other enterprises. The law enforcement officers demanded that the "three piles" of incomplete cover and in-line monitoring of enterprises not be compared in a timely manner be found during the inspection. In the next step, the Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment will continue to pay attention to changes in air quality in various places, urge related cities to take measures to deal with severely polluted weather, and require that the operation of boiler pollution treatment facilities such as heating and industrial production be closely monitored to ensure compliance with emissions and strictly implement the "three stacks" A "dust control measures".

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