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Disposal of medical waste is chaotic! What should I do?

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Abandoned medical waste such as needles, infusion sets, cotton balls, etc. may contain a large number of pathogenic microorganisms and harmful chemicals, and even radioactive and damaging substances, which are directly or indirectly infectious and toxic. Therefore, it may cause disease transmission or Important risk factors for related public health issues. Our country has incorporated it into the National Hazardous Waste List and adopted particularly strict management measures.

However, for some time, in some places, especially at the grassroots level, when medical institutions dispose of medical waste, improper management has created hidden dangers to the people's health and caused considerable damage to the environment. In the field of medical waste disposal, the imperfect construction of the market integrity system and the extensive supervision have led to incidents of illegal disposal of medical waste.

Insufficient funding and cumbersome processing procedures

Causes improper disposal of medical waste

Not long ago, the Procuratorate of Tongshan County, Hubei Province received a report from the masses that the local hospital was improperly handling medical waste. In order to protect the public interest, the procurator of the hospital visited a number of township hospitals and rural clinics. After grasping the evidence of medical institutions disposing of medical waste in accordance with regulations, the procuratorial organs considered that according to the Medical Waste Management Regulations The Law of the People's Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases and other provisions stipulate that the local administrative functions are not performing their duties properly, which has led to irregularities in the disposal of medical waste in their jurisdictions. On October 9, this year, the Tongshan County Procuratorate invited the people's supervisor to attend the testimony, and for the first time delivered a pre-litigation prosecution proposal to the relevant administrative functions in the form of a public announcement. Eventually, Tongshan County set off a standardized rectification of medical institutions' disposal of medical waste within the county.

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Xu Xiancai, deputy chief prosecutor of the People's Procuratorate of Tongshan County, said that during the field investigation, prosecutors found that there were objective and practical reasons for these medical institutions' irregular disposal of medical waste.

Xu Xiancai: "The treatment of medical waste is all handled by medical institutions. They have difficulty in sourcing their expenses and cannot afford this cost. Some primary care sites have more patients and fewer medical staff. There are more patients This happened because the medical staff were too busy. "

Voice of China has been concerned about similar improper disposal of medical waste. In April this year, many medical institutions in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province experienced a considerable backlog of medical waste. According to the relevant person in charge of the Nantong Ecological Environment Bureau, as of April 1, the city's accumulated backlog of 180 tons of medical waste. Later, after an emergency treatment, it took quite some time to complete the backlog of medical waste. The cause of this incident is that the local enterprises that are qualified to treat medical waste have not formed or could not form a one-stop disposal chain.

A person in charge of the local ecological environment bureau said in an interview with Voice of China:

"High temperature cooking and microwave sterilization can sterilize and disinfect medical waste and achieve harmlessness, but it cannot achieve reduction. The waste residue of the treated medical waste is still a hazardous waste in terms of management and should be sent to domestic waste for incineration. After the enterprise has processed it, the hazardous waste is exempted in the processing link. That is to say, the front-end is a medical waste generating unit, but the back-end depends on the domestic waste incineration unit. Then there is no one-stop whole-process disposal in the entire link. "

Lack of effective processing procedures and high processing costs

Prone to cause cases of illegal transfer of medical waste

Sudden increase in medical waste production, or reduction in acceptance of domestic waste landfill incinerators, no matter which one goes wrong, the intervening medical waste disposal company will be uncomfortable. "Two ends are out", which is almost a common difficulty encountered by professional medical waste disposal companies in many places. It has even triggered criminal cases in which individual medical waste disposal companies illegally transferred medical waste across provinces.

In June this year, the People's Court of the Economic Development Zone of Wuhu City, Anhui Province sentenced a case of illegal transportation of medical waste across the province to pollute the environment. Taizhou Yuxin Company is the only disposal site of medical waste approved by the former Jiangsu Provincial Environmental Protection Department in Taizhou. It is responsible for the collection and treatment of medical waste from more than 220 township medical institutions in Taizhou.

The official of the case, Chu Huina, president of the Criminal Trial Division of Wuhu Economic Development District Court, said that at the end of 2017, the Taizhou company had a large backlog of high-temperature steam-treated medical waste that could not be disposed of in February 2018. In April, illegal inter-provincial transportation to Wuhu City:

Chu Huina: "(Medical waste) was transported to a local power plant for incineration after high temperature sterilization and destruction, but then one of these two companies was afraid to have an impact on the emission indicators and was unwilling to continue receiving medical treatment The waste, because the other company has limited disposal capacity, could not dispose of it, and a large amount of backlog was not disposed in the company's courtyard. Immediately facing huge administrative fines, this case was triggered. "

In the end, the company was sentenced to a fine of 6 million yuan for the crime of environmental pollution. Defendants, such as the principal in charge of the enterprise, were also sentenced to life imprisonment and fines appropriate to their actions. Chu Huina believes that the reason for such illegal transfer of medical waste across provinces has a lot to do with the supervision of local authorities.

Chu Huina: "The local supervision department and environmental protection department have not carried out effective supervision and inspection. In addition, there is no normal inspection on the storage, transfer, transportation, and disposal of medical waste. In fact, the defendant unit piled up medical waste. In the hospital, the local environmental protection department was informed. They did not find a way to help the defendant to deal with the medical expenses, but only let the company deal with it as soon as possible from the perspective of administrative punishment, instead of finding a way and method for the company. "

An industry insider said frankly that there are two main types of medical waste disposal: incineration and non-incineration. Because medical waste is a dangerous substance, incineration is the mainstream. Hu Shaohong, head of the customer department of Dadi Wellcome, which is responsible for the collection and disposal of medical waste in the 13 districts and counties of Hangzhou, said that the location of the incineration plant built by the medical waste disposal unit is a major difficulty:

Hu Shaohong: "For example, if a garbage incineration plant is built near a certain community, there will definitely be people who will oppose it."

Hu Shaohong said that in fact, the medical waste disposal industry belongs to the type of industries with large expenditures and small returns. For market participants who are self-financing, it is a bit difficult to find a balance between strictly processing and ensuring profitability.

Hu Shaohong: "According to the medical waste management regulations, it must be collected every two days. No matter the size, distance or distance, an outpatient department, a clinic must go. Collection and transportation costs have greatly increased."

The disposal of medical waste is of great importance. A person in charge of the environmental protection management department said that in this case, it is one of the alternative paths to seek benefits from scale and stimulate the enthusiasm of various entities. It is recommended that medical waste disposal units try to let large state-owned companies or go public. The company does it. At the same time, local governments should also increase their support for medical waste qualification units and provide policy support, including land use, including taxation support policies.

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