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Reform bonus! Environmental protection tax burden of Hebei steel enterprises in the first 10 months dropped by 288 million yuan

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A few days ago, the data released by the Hebei Provincial Taxation Bureau showed that from January to October, taxpayers of environmental protection tax in Hebei Province enjoyed a total of 1.016 billion yuan in environmental tax reduction. Among them, taxpayers who enjoy pollution discharge concentrations below 30% and 50% of the standard concentration reduced 488 million yuan in taxes, and urban and rural domestic sewage and domestic garbage centralized treatment plants that enjoyed the standard discharge were exempted from taxation by 416 million yuan, and enjoyed the comprehensive utilization of solid waste. Taxpayers have accumulated 106 million yuan of tax exemption.

Data on environmental protection tax collection in Hebei Province show that since the introduction of environmental protection tax, in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region where air pollution prevention tasks are heavier, sulfur dioxide has decreased by 22,000 tons year-on-year, a decrease of 22.7%; nitrogen oxides have decreased by 35,000 tons, a decrease of 13.1 %.

Compared with the same period in 2018, the emissions of pollutants from the iron and steel industry in Hebei Province in 2019 decreased by 42%, nitrogen oxides by 49%, and smoke and dust by 35%, and taxes paid decreased by 288 million yuan or 47% year-on-year.

Some examples

1 Xingtai No. 1 Steel Enterprise Enjoys Dividends from Environmental Protection Tax Reform

Since the tax reform, the company has invested 1.98 billion yuan to implement more than 110 deep environmental management projects. Through ultra-low-emissions transformation of various production processes, the emissions of various pollutants in 2019 have dropped significantly compared to 2018, and sulfur dioxide emissions have been reduced by 61.14 %, Soot emission reduction is 55.93%, nitrogen oxide emission reduction is 32.98%. The burden of environmental protection tax continued to drop sharply. In 2017, 11.11 million yuan of pollution discharge fees were paid. In 2018, the environmental protection tax was declared at 7.962 million yuan, which was reduced by 2.236 million yuan, and the actual payment was 5.363 million yuan. 446.65 million.

2 Tangshan No. 1 Steel Enterprise "turns waste into treasure"

Tangshan Iron and Steel Company produces 4 million tons of solid waste such as steel slag and blast furnace water slag every year. If comprehensive resources are not used, it is estimated that 100 million yuan of environmental protection tax will be paid each year. To this end, the company invests 70 million yuan each year to implement comprehensive utilization of smelting waste slag to produce fine slag powder, which not only avoids paying high environmental protection taxes, but also generates more than 50 million yuan in new environmental protection materials each year.

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