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DuPont holds "flow of life" water application innovation challenge to empower younger generation to explore sustainable use of water resources

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Shanghai, December 6, 2019-Today , the "Flow of Life" water application co-sponsored by DuPont Water Solutions Business Unit, a subsidiary of DuPont Safety & Construction, and international non-profit NGO Enactus China The Innovation Challenge Finals are in full swing at DuPont China R & D Center. Dr. Zhang Yi, President of DuPont Greater China, and Chen Qi, General Manager of Household Water Purification and Air Purification Products Division of Iosmith (China) Environmental Appliance Co., Ltd. were invited to serve The final judges listened to the new generation of innovative ideas and young power injected into the water treatment industry. At the same time, they used business intelligence to empower college students to explore water issues and water recycling applications, and jointly explore the unlimited possibilities of water.

In July of this year, DuPont Water Treatment launched this water application innovation challenge in 230 universities, aiming to inspire and bring together diverse expression forms from the new generation group, and tap more academic, technical and artistic solutions. To cope with water pollution issues around the world today. As an innovative continuation of DuPont Water's "Flow of Life" series of activities, the Innovation Challenge not only attracted the active participation of students from renowned universities at home and abroad such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Fudan University, Columbia University, etc., but also received from Shanghai Qibao Dwight International Senior High School and domestic high school students enrolled enthusiastically. DuPont Water Treatment's employees also actively participated in the competition, providing one-on-one business consultant project coaching for the top ten players on the project solution track. The blend of "technology" and "academic" made the project collide with new ones. spark. After five months of fierce competition, five college teams including Guangdong University of Petroleum and Chemical Technology, Hunan University of Science and Technology, Shanghai University, Northwest A & F University, and Civil Aviation University of China were shortlisted for the National Finals and presented the project results to the judges at the scene.

The Innovative Application Challenge provides an excellent platform for the younger generation to exchange innovative ideas on sustainable water applications. The collection of these ideas opens up unlimited possibilities for water treatment solutions. Water is the source of life and the core of sustainable development. In the 2030 sustainable development goals recently announced by DuPont, "Leading Water Resources Management" is at the core.

"The release of the DuPont 2030 Sustainable Development Goals not only establishes the company's future work priorities, but also reflects our commitment to 'protecting people and the planet' as a socially responsible company." DuPont Greater China President Dr. Zhang Yi believes, "We look forward to a future where we will work with all stakeholders within the value chain, the community, and within our company to make progress in achieving these sustainable development goals and continue to refine and improve them with a view to Everyone builds a more sustainable future. At the same time, we are also vigorously nurturing the next generation's interest in sustainable development as one of the practical ways to achieve the DuPont 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. This water innovation application challenge is An interesting exploration. "

"In addition to actively seeking the power of the new generation to meet the challenges of today's water resources issues, DuPont Water has always been deeply engaged in research and development and innovation, providing more reliable solutions to meet the many water challenges facing the market." Commercial Director, DuPont Water Asia Pacific Dr. Chen Jiajun said, "This competition gives young people an opportunity to express their passion for water and release creativity. We have also harvested all kinds of outstanding ideas through it, and once again show that we are committed to exploring the infinite creation of water. Power and possibility to create a healthier, purer, and better world through innovative, reliable technology and scientific knowledge. "

Chen Qi, general manager of the household water purification and air purification products division of Io Smith (China) Environmental Electric Co., Ltd., said at the competition site, "AO Smith, as a leading brand in the water purification industry, pays great attention to the concepts of R & D innovation and sustainable development. Especially in terms of protecting water resources and recyclable water. We are very pleased to meet face-to-face with talented college students and listen to their project ideas on the water theme through this competition. In addition, we also discussed with DuPont Water Treatment Find out how to better support this group of young people who are interested in water issues and encourage them to bring more innovative projects. "

Water is the most precious resource in our lives. Its attitude is numerous. Like in other parts of the world, water also has rich practicality and possibilities in China. DuPont Water always adheres to the concept of "in China, serves China", is committed to serving and supporting the Chinese market, not only actively explores innovative solutions, overcomes various challenges with customers and partners, but also tries a series of innovative Activities to save and protect water resources around. For DuPont Water, this is not just a business need, it is also a firm social commitment.

About DuPont Water Solutions

As a leader in sustainable technologies in the field of separation and purification, DuPont Water Solutions Business Unit (DWS) is exerting a remarkable and profound impact globally. Through our unremitting efforts, we bring people safer and easier to access water resources, give food a more wonderful taste, make medicines have better curative effects, help all walks of life to achieve higher efficiency, and lead sustainable development. R & D of water treatment technology to meet growing water and energy needs. DuPont Water Solutions provides a full range of ion exchange resins (IER), reverse osmosis membranes (RO), ultrafiltration membranes (UF), and electric desalination (EDI) products, including industrial and municipal water, industrial processes , Pharmaceutical, electric power, domestic drinking water and wastewater treatment and reuse, and other major application areas have leading market positions. For more details, please visit: www.dupont.com/water.html .

About DuPont Security & Construction

DuPont Safety & Construction is a global leader in providing innovative solutions to the basic needs of life, including water, shelter and security. We help our customers succeed through unique capabilities, global scale and iconic brands, including well-known brands including Corian?, Kevlar?, Nomex?, Tyvek?, GreatStuff ™, Styrofoam ™ and Filmtec?.

About DuPont

DuPont (NYSE: DD) provides technology-based materials, raw materials, and solutions, and is committed to becoming one of the global promoters of innovation, bringing innovation to all walks of life and people's daily lives. Our employees use diverse science and technology and professional experience to help clients advance their ideas and provide important innovations in key markets such as electronics, transportation, construction, health and wellness, food and work protection. For more information, visit www.dupont.com .

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