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With so many VOCs exhibitions, who has actually landed and who has become a "leek"?

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If you choose the hottest industry in 2019? The environmental protection VOCS industry is definitely on the list. Whether it is various policy plans issued at the national level or various environmental conferences held by local governments, the VOCS industry has become more hot. Followed by environmental protection related exhibitions and forums one after another. Then the VOCS industry is hot, there are many exhibition forum activities, how can companies choose the right one for many exhibitions?

From the perspective of marketing, marketing, and publicity, for VOCs industry-related companies, the exhibition is the best form of publicity with the lowest input cost, direct and concentrated contact with the target customer group. Based on the particularity of the products of the VOCs industry, the effect of placing TV advertisements and newspapers is really average. To promote new products and technologies, companies can only go around and invest a lot of manpower and financial resources to participate in the exhibition.

In order to deeply understand the needs of enterprises to participate in the exhibition, relevant enterprises, distributors and professional visitors are invited, and the VOCs organizing committee is in action. Recently, the VOCs Organizing Committee has successively visited various related exhibitions. During the exhibition, the organizing committee conducted in-depth communication with exhibitors, visitors and distributors to see how they felt and participated in the exhibition.

Hear what exhibitors say

As for how to make a choice in a variety of exhibitions, exhibitors said:

1: My first consideration is the strength and background of the organizer. Many businesses now hold exhibitions in order to earn money. Reliable organizers can hold reliable exhibitions. The strength of the organizer is very important.

2: The main purpose of the exhibition is to consider brand promotion and market development, including the promotion effect and on-site intention customers. If the brand is promoted and there are many contracted customers, then of course it will participate.

3: Will consider whether the nature of the exhibition fits the product market positioning. If my product positioning is north, then I cannot travel to the south to participate. On the contrary, if my product positioning is national, then I need to choose a national exhibition instead of Local exhibitions.

4: Sometimes when choosing an exhibition, we will consider what highlights and special services this exhibition has. Of course, price is also a factor that cannot be ignored.

5: I value the influence of the exhibition. The exhibitors' evaluation of the exhibition and the image and reputation of the exhibition in this industry. The eyes of the masses are clear. If everyone says yes, it means that the exhibition is worth attending.

This is the feedback given by the exhibitors when the organizing committee members communicate with the company at the exhibition site. Although it cannot represent the voice of all exhibitors, it is indeed a factor that most exhibitors consider when choosing an exhibition.

Check out our VOCs Summit

The exhibiting requirements of the company are clear. Please allow me to introduce our VOCs summit. Recently, the "Plan" issued by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment pointed out that by 2020, a sound management system for the prevention and control of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) pollution will be established. VOCs control in key regions and industries will achieve significant results. VOCs emissions reduction target of 10%. To win the blue sky defense battle and further improve the ambient air quality, it is urgent to comprehensively strengthen the comprehensive management of VOCs in key industries.

Against this background, the 2nd China International VOCs Monitoring and Governance Summit ( www.vocsummit.cn ) will be held in Shanghai on March 26-27, 2020 to "focus on the new situation of the VOCs industry and seek common development of environmental innovation "In the last session, the topics of VOCs monitoring technology, RTO / RCO, activated carbon, photodegradation, recycling and other purification and treatment technology hot topics were basically discussed in the last session. It will gather 400+ representatives from major global brand companies, well-known experts, and user units to come together to provide suggestions for the healthy and green development of VOCs. Welcome colleagues in the industry to sign up

It is less than one month before the investment promotion is started. At present, many companies have set up exhibitions, and many companies have called to inquire about the situation of their booths, and their popularity has exceeded expectations. From the perspective of the exhibition, related companies in the VOCs industry attach great importance to new products, new technologies, new images, and new opportunities. The booth area, the scope of exhibitors, and the products displayed have been expanded and improved to varying degrees.

VOCs Summit wants to tell you something

Reliable organizers can organize reliable exhibitions. We are not a simple exhibition media company. We are guided by industry associations and have professional development fairs with many years of development. So we are different. We are reliable.

Which one is strong in publicity and promotion, see the comparison with our VOCs summit. We provide companies with more than just a booth, pre-show propaganda before the show, live interviews during the show, follow-up reports after the show, and promotion on dozens of media in the industry. This full-cycle, high-density publicity allows exhibitors to combine offline exhibitions with online promotion to maximize the effectiveness of brand promotion.

Unlike some local exhibitions that target a city or region, the China International VOCs Monitoring and Governance Summit is a national summit. We have the confidence to say this, because from the past statistics of exhibiting companies, government departments, professional visitors, dealers, from all parts of the country, from all corners of the world. Our summit has now developed into a nationally influential and highly recognized industry VOCs summit.

It is said that people who love to laugh will not have bad luck, and the exhibition with many audiences and high popularity will naturally not have bad results. According to statistics, on the day of the last opening ceremony, some companies' booths were crowded to discuss cooperation.

As a summit of industry achievement exhibitions, our summit has played an important role in the development of policy plans for national departments, the promotion of technological progress in the industry, and the development of innovative enterprises. The 400-person industry VOCs summit forum, the participation of government departments from all over the country, and the recognition and praise of participating companies have all shown their influence.

VOCs ridicule

If your product belongs to the vocs monitoring and governance industry, if you are struggling to find exhibition promotion products, if you do not know how to choose in various exhibitions, it is better to give yourself a chance to learn about the China International VOCs Monitoring and Governance Summit. This place brings together the best quality industries from all over the country. There are dealers and professional visitors from all corners of the world. There are good products that buyers want, and good customers that sellers want. More importantly, government departments from many places will also be invited to visit. For those who want to take government projects, it is not to be missed.

There is one more thing. The promotion of the exhibition company of our summit is about to be fully launched. If it is scheduled sooner or later, the night is not as good as the early one. Although each position is good, the position selected early is often more satisfied with itself; Publicity, more than six months of publicity cycles let you win at the starting line.

In the future, environmentally friendly VOCS will be the focus of attention of all parties. The vocs solution summit will be clearly focused on the theme of “focusing on the new situation of the VOCs industry and seeking common development of environmental innovation”. Become a trend that must be grasped in the new era, otherwise, it will not follow the trend, no matter how wonderful the era is, it has nothing to do with you.

With so many environmental VOCs exhibitions, who has actually landed and who has become a "leek"?

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