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Yi Jun, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, talks about the progress of water special implementation

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The National Science and Technology Week 2019 was held at the Chinese People's Revolutionary Military Museum from May 19th to 26th. This year's event week highlights the theme of “Strengthening the country with science and technology, benefiting the people with science and technology”, demonstrating the achievements of scientific and technological innovation, and promoting the benefits of scientific and technological achievements. The demonstration model of the "full-process drinking water safety guarantee system", a major scientific and technological project of "Water Pollution Control and Treatment" (hereinafter referred to as "Water Project"), led by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, focuses on the safety guarantee of drinking water in China in recent years. Recent advances in science and technology. The exhibit is directly related to people's livelihood and attracts great attention from the audience.

The water project, as one of the 16 major science and technology projects set up in the "Outline of the National Medium- and Long-Term Scientific and Technological Development Plan (2006-2020)", has now entered the final stage. How is the organization and implementation of the water project? What technological achievements have been made? What support role did China play in urban water pollution control and drinking water safety guarantee? With these issues of general concern to the society, a reporter from China Construction News interviewed Yi Jun, the person in charge of water administration, and Deputy Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.

China Construction News: What is the overall situation of the implementation of the water special organization?

Yi Jun: On December 26, 2007, the Executive Meeting of the State Council considered and approved the "Implementation Plan for Major Projects of Science and Technology for Water Pollution Control and Treatment". The implementation of the water project aims to address the major scientific and technological bottlenecks in water pollution control that restrict China's socio-economic development, and follow the three-step strategy of "source control and emission reduction", "burden reduction and repair", and "comprehensive control" to build a strategy that is suitable for China's pollution characteristics and The three major technical systems of socio-economic development, water pollution control, water environment management, and drinking water safety protection, carry out comprehensive demonstrations in typical river basins and key areas to provide scientific and technological support for pollutant discharge reduction, water quality improvement, and drinking water safety protection in key river basins. The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development is mainly responsible for the organization and implementation of two themes: "Research and Demonstration of Urban Water Pollution Control and Water Environment Comprehensive Improvement Technology" and "Research and Comprehensive Demonstration of Drinking Water Safety Technology".

China Construction News: What technical breakthroughs and major achievements have been made in the water project organized by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development? What role has it played in promoting the development of the industry?

Yi Jun: For more than 10 years since the implementation of the water special organization, in the areas of urban water pollution control and drinking water safety protection, it has broken through a number of key technologies, solved a number of technical difficulties, and produced a number of landmark results. The implementation of major local engineering plans, comprehensive demonstrations in Taihu, Dianchi and other river basins, and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei regions have played an important role in supporting science and technology in the planning and construction of water pollution control and drinking water safety in key local cities. Water pollution control and water safety guarantees in cities and towns across the country have played a good role in demonstration.

In the field of urban water pollution treatment, a number of key technologies for urban water pollution control and urban water environment management have been broken through, and the independent innovation ability and comprehensive technical level have been improved, leading to the overall improvement of the industry level.

The water project focuses on reducing the overall urban water pollution load and improving the urban water environment. It focuses on overcoming key technologies for cleaner production, pollution control, and resource utilization in cities and towns. It breaks through the overall design of urban water pollution control systems, operation control of the entire process, and ecological restoration of water bodies. , And carried out technology integration application demonstration, and established a technical system for urban water pollution control and water environment improvement. The first is the development of a set of high-standard phosphorus and nitrogen removal and stabilization operation technologies for urban sewage with new technological processes such as enhanced MBR, improved A2O, and enhanced nitrification of suspended fillers, supporting more than 1,000 urban sewage treatment plants. The effluent is stable, meets the requirements of level A and higher discharge standards, significantly reduces the pollution discharge load of the river basin, and realizes the large-scale ecological utilization of recycled water. The second is the development of a full-chain sludge treatment and disposal technology that solves the key technical difficulties of reducing, stabilizing, harmless, and reusing sludge in urban sewage treatment plants. It has constructed 32 demonstration and promotion projects for China's sewage The safe disposal and resource utilization of plant sludge provide technical support. The third is to build an urban rainwater management and control technology system with perfect drainage pipe network, waterlogging prevention, runoff pollution control, and utilization of rainwater resources as the core, which comprehensively supported the national black and odorous water body management and sponge city construction work.

In the field of drinking water safety and security, we have broken through a number of key technologies for water quality purification, established a drinking water safety and security technology system from "source to faucet" throughout the process, and improved China's ability to ensure water safety.

The water project is aimed at problems such as pollution of drinking water sources in China, frequent occurrence of water pollution incidents, and hidden dangers of water supply systems. It has systematically developed key technologies such as water source protection, water quality purification, pipe network transmission and distribution, water quality monitoring, early warning and emergency management, and effective management. It has solved the technical problems of removing toxic and harmful substances such as algae, odor, ammonia nitrogen, arsenic, etc., and carried out technology demonstration and large-scale application in key areas and typical towns such as the Taihu Lake Basin, the South-to-North Water Diversion Area, the lower reaches of the Pearl River, and directly benefited more than 100 million people. Through special water technical support, the water receiving areas of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project in Beijing and other cities responded to the "yellow water" problem of the pipe network caused by water source switching in a timely manner. Water supply safety; Jiangsu Province achieved full coverage of urban drinking water in-depth treatment, which effectively avoided the water supply crisis in Wuxi and other cities caused by the outbreak of cyanobacteria in Taihu Lake; Jiaxing effectively solved the seasonal high ammonia nitrogen removal problem of heavily polluted river network water sources; Shenzhen in Yantian District launched a direct drinking water demonstration. The water special organization researched and prepared the "Guidelines for the Reform of Urban Water Supply Facilities", which supported the preparation and implementation of the national water supply plan during the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" and "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" and the national city and county drinking water quality inspection (sampling inspection) and standardized water supply management The work has promoted the overall improvement of China's drinking water safety and technical support capabilities, and made an important contribution to "let the people drink safe water."

China Construction News: What are the core equipment products that have been broken through the implementation of the water project? What steps have been taken?

Yi Jun: General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that enterprises are an important force that closely integrates science and technology and economy, and should be the subject of technological innovation decision-making, research and development investment, scientific research organization, and achievement transformation. In the process of organization and implementation, the water project is oriented to market demand, comprehensively allocates scientific and technological resources of enterprises, universities, and society, and establishes a scientific and technological innovation mechanism that is synergistic with production, teaching, and research.

The water project specifically sets up industrialization projects of key equipment for urban water pollution control, major equipment, and key materials and equipment for drinking water safety. Priority is given to supporting scientific research teams led by enterprises to carry out technical research, forming a series of equipment and products with independent intellectual property rights. Some products fill the domestic gap and break the passive situation of long-term dependence on imports:

The first is to independently develop water quality monitoring and detection instruments such as chromatograph mass spectrometers, inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometers, water quality toxicity analyzers, and particle counters. Key performance indicators have reached international advanced levels, and the price is 30% to 50% lower than similar foreign products. .

The second is to promote the engineering application of ultrafiltration membranes and promote the development of China's membrane industry. Membrane module's performance indicators such as membrane flux, pollution resistance and service life have reached the level of similar foreign products, the price has been reduced by 30%, the domestic market share has exceeded 70%, and the annual output value has exceeded 70 billion yuan.

Third, the large-scale ozone generator for water treatment has broken through the core key technologies such as discharge tubes, intermediate frequency power supplies, and medium and high frequency transformers, and formed a series of products for different water treatment scales. The price is 30% lower than similar imported products in the market and the market share Increase by 20%.

In addition, in order to solve the “last mile” shortfall in urban water supply, a negative-pressure secondary water supply equipment coupled with a vector pump and a permanent magnet motor has been developed, and the cumulative output value of the product has reached 1.2 billion yuan.

China Construction News: What is the current focus of work and the main tasks for the next step?

Yi Jun: Since the implementation of the water project, the focus of work in different stages has been different: the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" focuses on technical research and project demonstration; the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" focuses on technology integration and comprehensive demonstration; Summarize promotion and promotion applications.

At the final closing stage of the water project, we must not forget our original intention and strengthen our confidence. We must give full play to the advantages of the system of socialist concentrated power to handle major events in accordance with the overall goals and key tasks determined by the water project implementation plan approved by the State Council. The local people's governments in Tianjin, Shanghai, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang have fully mobilized the enthusiasm of all parties, made every effort to implement the special water organization, and submitted a satisfactory answer sheet to the country to give the people a sense of gain.

We must continue to move forward with the times and, on the basis of accomplishing the established goals, we must also combine the central work of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development to improve wastewater treatment quality and efficiency, drinking water safety, sponge city construction, urban waterlogging prevention, The black and odorous water body treatment and other aspects further strengthened the technical support of the water project, and promoted the deepening and integrated application of the water project results.

At the same time, we must actively respond to the country's major new strategic deployment and do a good job of docking, service and support. For example, focusing on the development strategy of the "Xiongan New Area" set up by the state, research on water system construction and water safety protection technology in the new area is provided to provide comprehensive technical support for the planning and management of the water system in the New Area.

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