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Qu Geping: I never felt like an environmentalist

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Qu Geping likens China's first generation of environmentalists to Don Quixote, Xuanzang, and Sisyphus--wrestling with polluting companies, learning from the West, and pushing the huge stone of environmental protection to the top of the mountain, but like a tragic hero.

Today, Qu Geping finally reassured himself, "I have been engaged in environmental protection for 50 years and have never encountered such a good situation."

Qu Ge was 90 years old, and everyone around him called him "old man." He is not used to and does not like others to call him "the father of environmental protection in China". He feels that this title should be given to Premier Zhou Enlai. Premier Zhou opened the road to environmental protection in China. Made a lifelong career.

The first permanent representative of China to the United Nations Environment Programme, the first director of the National Environmental Protection Agency, and the chairman of the National People's Congress Environmental and Resources Commission ... Behind many "firsts", he said, "I know where the roots of China's environmental problems are. I just knew it a little earlier. "

Opening the twelve-volume Collection of Qu Geping's Collected Works, it reads what seems to be happening now-signing a letter of responsibility with the mayor, protecting the city's drinking water source, and mobilizing the public to smoke black smoke ... long ago Written in the minutes of the 1980s.

In the era of great economic development, the green light of environmental protection has been covered up. Qu Geping is like an evangelist who dares to debate with anyone. He has been described as "Dare to speak, don't hide it, always ask someone's name to talk about the problem ".

He won many awards, but never celebrated. "The environmental situation is getting worse and worse, and you keep winning awards, oops, I feel particularly uncomfortable."

If it were not for the optimism in his bones, Qu Geping could not have shouted his whole life in this "stuck in" cause. He compared China's first generation of environmentalists to Don Quixote, Xuanzang, and Sisyphus--wrestling with polluting companies, learning from the West, and pushing the huge stone of environmental protection to the top of the mountain, but like a tragic hero.

The shouting has been neglected again and again, but it still injected a pessimistic background into his heart. He always said in an inferior tone, "I am not a meritorious person, a sinner. During my environmental protection, the quality of the environment is getting worse every day.

Today, from top-level design to public awakening, environmental protection has finally attracted unprecedented attention. Qu Geping finally reassured himself, "I have been engaged in environmental protection for almost 50 years and have never encountered such a good situation."

In his twilight years, he faltered, remembering more clearly than he remembers now, Qu Geping has been unable to keep up with the constantly updated environmental dynamics. However, he hopes to move faster and be more optimistic.

"Environmental protection has no power, equivalent to a propaganda team"

Southern Weekend: Do you feel the improvement in Beijing's air quality?

Qu Geping: Although there are still many unsatisfactory places, environmental protection quality across the country has indeed undergone tremendous changes. But there is still a gap. How can there be such a high PM2.5 concentration abroad?

In 1987, when the National Environmental Protection Committee convened a national air pollution control conference in Taiyuan, the pollution was serious. A comrade from the Environmental Protection Agency told me that he rode to work and went to the bureau. He walked on the road for more than half an hour. He did not wear glasses. Can clearly write the words on his pants.

Today's Taiyuan, even after wearing a shirt collar for three or five days, is not as dirty as it was for an hour. This achievement really pleases the old environmentalists like me.

Southern Weekend: How do you feel about the recent environmental protection situation?

Qu Geping: The fundamental problem of China's environment lies in the country's general policy and development strategy. The overall situation of the environmental situation is very good now. Ecological civilization has been written into the Constitution. The Ministry of Ecology and the Environment has established it. The central government has also dispatched an inspection team. The methods and intensity of inspections are unprecedented and fruitful.

These things surprised me time and time again, and I was encouraged and encouraged. From the traditional environmental protection with pollution control as the main body to the ecological civilization construction as the main body, this is a revolutionary change in China's environmental protection. No matter how much we evaluate this change, it is not overly significant. My current concern is how to achieve and do this well.

Southern Weekend: How to achieve change?

Qu Geping: The other ministries and commissions must participate together to engage in law, geology, resources ... The Ministry of Light and Environment does not work, the scope is too small. The economic, political, cultural, social, and ecological civilization are five in one. Which one has nothing to do with the environment? But the right to unify is not in the Ministry of the Environment. For environmental protection, if you do not have power in your hands, it is equivalent to a propaganda team.

I have a few thoughts on the work of ecological environment recently. The most fundamental point is to learn and practice Xi Jinping's thoughts on ecological civilization. At the same time, it is necessary to speed up the construction of an ecological civilization system, change the mode of economic development, and build an ecological economic system and a community of human destiny.

"Environmentally friendly boulder is alive"

Southern Weekend: Have you ever said that you are the first generation of environmentalists in China and Sisyphus in Greek mythology, do you still think so?

Qu Geping: Premier Zhou had a long-term vision and repeatedly pointed out that we must avoid resuming the old path of "pollute first and then cure" in developed countries. However, we still followed the path of pollution control, destruction and repair, so that environmental protection departments worked passively for a long time. Therefore, I have the feeling that Sisyphus repeatedly pushed the stones up the slope.

In fact, we are not pushing the icy, unchanging boulder. The environmental protection we are pushing is alive. And its volume is getting bigger and bigger, even when we have a sense of frustration, environmental protection is not pushing the boulder from the origin again, but from a new starting point to a new stage.

One director of the provincial environmental protection bureau said: "Environmental protection is a magical field. It is constantly changing and self-innovating. Although it is difficult to do, it is attractive and always moving slowly."

Southern Weekend: "If you don't punish corruption, you will destroy the party, the country, the environment, and the environment. You will also lose the party." Do you still agree with this statement you gave in an interview with Southern Weekend in 2014? ?

Qu Geping: You can say the same. Pollution severely killed the party and the country, forced the people to rebel, the factory was burned down, and the conflict was intensified. The environment is bad and the national economy can't get better. The ruling party should take environmental protection as a big deal. Fortunately, China is doing just that.

Southern Weekend: 90 years old soon, do you have any wish?

Qu Geping: I hope that the central government's determination and measures for environmental protection will continue and never relax.

Southern Weekend: This is still my wish for environmental protection. What is your personal wish?

Qu Geping: Oops, I have already given a lot of honors. Although I am more optimistic about the overall situation of environmental governance, I still do so. I never felt that I was a hero. My child asked me, "Why are you so inferior?" I said, "Not modest, I know my weight."

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