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Professional and reliable——Promote the development of Youxin Environmental Protection as a professional filter company

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The 16th Shanghai International Bag Dedusting Technology and Equipment Exhibition and Seminar was held in Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center from November 29th to December 1st, 2017. During the exhibition, Guteng Environmental Network reporter interviewed Cui Xiyuan, general manager of Changzhou Youxin Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

Gu Teng Environmental Protection Network: Hello, Mr. Cui, I'm glad you can be interviewed by Gu Teng Environmental Protection Network during your busy schedule. It is understood that Changzhou Youxin Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was just established in 2017. Please introduce the original intention of the company!

Cui Xiyuan: Hello. Changzhou Youxin Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2017. It is a professional company engaged in the production, development and application of needle felt filter materials. With dust bag as the core product, it provides users with simple, convenient, reliable and effective products and solutions.

Although Youxin is a new company, the colleagues in our team have rich experience. For example, our production director entered this industry in 1998, and our sales director joined this rank in 2000. I was involved in this in 1999. A field. Everyone in the team has worked in their own position for many years and has accumulated rich experience. After working in environmental protection-related fields for so many years, we have all witnessed the country's gradual emphasis on environmental protection. Our group of like-minded people hope to express their ideas and concepts and do what they want to do. Based on this, we established Changzhou Youxin Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

After working for so many years, we find that the filter material industry is mainly following the needs of customers to provide services, and we believe that professional companies should have the opportunity to lead customers 'needs and guide consumption, not just stop at satisfying customers' needs demand. With this in mind, we hope to use our professional skills to make some new explorations and breakthroughs in the filter material industry. This is the purpose of Youxin.

Gu Teng Environmental Protection Network: At present, there are many mature companies in the market. So, under such circumstances, how is the development of Youxin? What advantages do you think have made Youxin able to maintain its competitiveness and gain a foothold in the dust removal market and develop it gradually?

Cui Xiyuan: Youxin was incorporated in March 2017. After more than half a year of preparation, we have determined the production equipment. After installation and commissioning, we officially put it into production at the end of October, and it has just been one month now. Now we have a production line. Although the production time is not long, we have completed 3 shipments. Thanks to customers for their support and trust in Youxin. In 2018 and 2019, we will continue to improve product quality and production capacity, gradually strengthen research and development capabilities, and improve filter performance. We plan to add one more production line every year.

"Professional and reliable" is the core competitiveness of Youxin. The company's professionals have many years of application experience and continuous research and development capabilities in various application fields, and take "field experts, problem solving" as their mission. With a deep understanding of the production of needle felt filter materials and the application of dust removal bags, you can rely on the industry-leading technology concept and rich product development experience to help customers achieve the goals of low cost, low risk and high efficiency. Although our order is full now, we will still leave more time and manpower for product development and technological progress in the future.

Gu Teng Environmental Protection Network: What exhibits did Youxin bring to this exhibition? Can you introduce it?

Cui Xiyuan: In this exhibition, Youxin displayed some needle felts and standard filter bag products of polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, aramid, PPS, P84, PTFE blended materials. These products represent our achievements since one month in production. Of course, we will not be satisfied with our current achievements. In the future, we will continue to improve the production process and continuously adjust the parameters of production equipment. Our goal is to achieve our expectations after 3 months. The product. We are committed to the development and production of low-emission, low-resistance, long-life filter media products.

Gu Teng Environmental Protection Network: What do you think of the current development of the dust removal market? For the development of Youxin, what plans will the company's senior management make according to the market situation?

Cui Xiyuan: In recent years, the quality of our ambient air has not been very good. The haze phenomenon has improved but it is far from being completely resolved. The state has also paid more attention to environmental protection. I think that the dust removal market in the future will There is still a great demand.

The continuous improvement of environmental quality shows that our work has paid off, but the smog still exists and we still need to work hard. In terms of the company's long-term development, Youxin will still be based on improving its overall competitiveness. Youxin has positioned itself as a professional filter company. In the future, Youxin will continue to strive for professionalism and technological leadership. In the middle of 2018, Youxin will achieve a basically steady development, and the proportion of R & D investment will gradually increase to the average level of its peers. We are a technology-led company, and we will remain open and inclusive of new products and technologies. Mentality.

Gu Teng Environmental Protection Network: Any suggestions and opinions for this exhibition?

Cui Xiyuan: Shanghai International Bag Dust Removal Technology and Equipment Exhibition is one of our most important exhibitions. I think this exhibition is very professional, and I hope to continue to maintain such professionalism, thank you!

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