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Hidden Anxiety Behind "Iron Fan Princess" Patent Application

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How to deal with smog? According to the "Legal System Daily" reported on November 27, a method to eliminate haze has passed the preliminary examination and announced by the State Intellectual Property Office. In the "Chinese and Multinational Patent Examination Information Inquiry System" of the State Intellectual Property Office, there is an application for an invention called the "Smog Elimination Scheme", whose patent type is shown as "Invention Patent", and the application date is March 2017. On the 4th, the applicant was Dumou, and the status of the case was "waiting for a trial request".

Wonderful patents are available every year, and no matter at home or abroad, there is always a more wonderful one that makes people smile. For example, a well-known patent in the United Kingdom is for charging a mobile phone with urine, and some inventors in the United States have designed a coffin periscope to satisfy the curiosity of their families and see if the dead have really fallen into the ground ...

Right now, this "scenery plan to eliminate haze" is, to put it plainly, the story of Princess Iron Fan waving a banana banana fan. Think about it, 15 million people lifted the haze removal fan at the same time to jointly eliminate the haze in cities and regions. In one hour, the low-level ground air that is 40 meters high, 20 kilometers long, and 20 kilometers wide can go downwind. Orientation went 68 kilometers. If Beijing is used as the base point, 68 kilometers to the south, the smog should reach Langfang, Hebei. I just do n’t know. If Langfang also mobilizes millions of people to dance on the fans, will the smog be blocked? Will it be more mellow?

This is too funny. Some netizens said, "15 million people take one breath and use a fan?" Others said, "If 30 million people fan at the same time, a typhoon will occur!" Fortunately, this is just a patent application, not yet After substantive examination, whether it has novelty, creativity, and practicality, that is, whether it can pass, is yet to be examined by the patent administration department of the State Council, and its road to accept public ridicule is still long.

Many people have questioned, how can such a wonderful patent pass the preliminary examination? In fact, it is not surprising that similar patents passed the preliminary examination. Unlike the "tall" that most people understand, the threshold for patent applications is not high. According to experts, as long as three questions are answered, a patent can be formed: what's wrong with the existing technology? How did you solve it? What effect has been achieved? If the effect achieved just solves the problem raised and has never been raised by others, then the basic requirements for patent authorization will be met.

This also means that in the world that is disturbing one after another, there are bound to be some patents that will not be very practical, even strange, incredible, and jaw dropping ... On the positive side, many times, it is precisely because this world is always Some whimsical people are constantly developing and capturing some fantastic ideas, and then putting these ideas into practice, thus greatly improving the human condition. Inventing Yunyun, if it can't be superb, weird, or at least keep some distance from the world of people's daily experience, how can it escape?

Therefore, while everyone expresses strong indignation, it may be more tolerant to the "Princess Fan", or they really don't like it, and laughed. You don't have to make a big fuss, you shouldn't take a peek at yourself, prescribe a cure for the haze, and negate the attempts and assumptions of others.

This is because, on the one hand, the management of haze is very complicated. At least so far, the "source analysis" of haze is still inconclusive. Many people are expressing according to their own understanding. Is your expression consistent with science? real? Since there is still an unknown space, you might as well listen to others. On the other hand, even if this patent application is contrary to common sense, it is really ridiculous. With the current scientific error correction mechanism, it is impossible to pass the examination grandly.

In recent years, there have always been some disturbing signs in society on the issue of controlling haze. Previously there was a "haze control gun", which was essentially a large-caliber water mist sprayer, which achieved the effect of dust and haze reduction by spraying water mist. Now there are "cute" patents like "Princess Iron Fan". These ideas also show from one side that there is indeed a deep anxiety over the problem of haze, and that the general public and even some administrative staff are struggling with "talent panic". Run on the path of solidified thinking.

It can be seen that improving the scientific literacy of the public has become an urgent task at the moment. If we don't pay more attention to it, we will not only be able to figure out the cause of the haze. I am afraid that we can only ask the "Princess Iron Fan" to control the haze.

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