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With hundreds of billions of markets on the horizon, how can environmental protection companies "contend for the lead"?

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As environmental law enforcement becomes more stringent and industrial pollution sources are continuously strengthened, pollution charging policies for various industries in various regions have been implemented, and VOCs governance has become a key link. A series of related national policies were issued intensively, and the VOCs governance industry has entered a stage of rapid development. It is expected to usher in a billion-scale market. However, the blindness and blindness of technology choices, the lack of industry standards, and the vicious competition in the market have led to hundreds of billions of levels. VOCs govern the market chaos. In such a fierce market competition, some environmental protection enterprises represented by Guangdong Huanjia Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Huahuangjia”) successfully broke through and won applause in the VOCs governance market.

Jian Su (Chairman of the Board)

One hundred billion feast

With the gradual advancement of environmental governance, the prevention and control of air pollution is the focus of everyone's attention at present. In view of China's effective control of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, VOCs have become a new focus in the prevention and control of air pollution. Under the premise of improving air quality, the governance of VOCs has become an urgent need of the government and the market.

The "13th Five-Year Plan" outlines that VOCs should be included in the total control indicators, and its overall governance investment is expected to be no less than 92.2 billion yuan. At the same time, follow-up supporting policies are expected to be introduced one after another (governance standards, key industry rectification schemes, sewage charges, etc.). In 2016, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the "Volatile Organic Compound Reduction Plan for Key Industries", which proposed that by 2018, VOCs emissions from industrial industries will be reduced by more than 3.3 million tons compared with 2015. In September 2017, the Ministry of Environmental Protection issued the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" for the prevention and control of volatile organic pollutants, and proposed the general requirements, main tasks and safeguard measures for VOCs pollution control during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period.

The dual benefits of demand and policies have made the VOCs governance industry quickly develop new vitality. The industry believes that with the subsequent introduction of supporting policies, the VOCs governance market will usher in rapid growth in the next three years, leveraging nearly 100 billion governance engineering markets. Mr. Jian Su, Chairman of Huan Jiajia, said that the state's promotion of VOCs governance is a rare opportunity for related enterprises. The government departments have clearly put forward the goals, time and cycle of achieving governance. Both environmental protection enterprises and polluting enterprises should actively respond to the promotion.

Jian Su, Chairman of the Board

Two, chaotic clusters

Faced with the huge market brought by the VOCs governance industry, many environmental protection companies have conducted business layouts, and competition has become increasingly fierce. Compared with Europe and the United States, China ’s VOCs governance industry started late, without a good talent team and technical reserves, and lacks engineering experience, related laws and regulations standards, environmental management and other framework systems. The industry is still in its infancy, so the VOCs governance market Under the hundreds of billions of feasts is chaos.

First, disorderly seize the market. At present, the market regulation of VOCs governance is not yet complete, and a large number of governance companies with no qualifications, lack of experience and responsibility have entered the market. These companies "do not have diamond diamonds, but also magnetic equipment", which makes the governance effect difficult to guarantee.

Secondly, the bid was won at a low price. The cost of VOCs governance operation and maintenance is relatively high, and in the case of insufficient funding guarantee, it is difficult to guarantee the governance effect of achieving the standard. However, the current VOCs governance projects have the phenomenon of low price winning, and some projects offer even lower than market cost. Such a price can imagine the effect of governance.

Again, eager for success. Regarding the treatment of VOCs, polluting enterprises hope to see the effects of the treatment as soon as possible, which has led to a lot of governance being passed through, unable to achieve stable standards, high rates of repeated governance, and disguised increases in governance costs.

Finally, choose blindly. Due to the complex composition of VOCs, there are huge differences between industries and enterprises in the treatment of VOCs. Polluting companies cannot copy the treatment technologies and solutions. Many polluting companies do not know enough about VOCs, and blindly choose governance technologies, resulting in the failure to achieve the expected results.

Generally speaking, there are many problems that need urgent attention in China's VOCs governance industry, which seriously restrict the healthy development of the VOCs governance market.

Jian Su, the chairman of Huanhua Jia, has his own opinion on this: In recent years, China ’s atmospheric governance has mainly depended on the government ’s efforts. At the implementation level, many policies have not been put in place, and pollution control has been falsified. To achieve great results in environmental governance, we must always work together to advance. Therefore, in order for the VOCs governance market to develop in a healthy and orderly manner, the government must strengthen regulation and guidance, and work with polluting enterprises and environmental protection enterprises to find new ways. As an important part of pollution control, if environmental protection enterprises want to obtain long-term benefits from the trend of pollution control upgrading, they should effectively realize true environmental protection from a technical perspective.

Huanjia production workshop

Third, do environmental protection

With the continuous opening of the VOCs market, VOCs governance companies have developed rapidly. Regardless of their own strength or whether they can really solve the problems for user companies, they have all taken up the market in a hurry, but the corporate governance effect cannot be guaranteed. In the impetuous VOCs governance market environment, Huan Jia is a clear stream, always insisting on doing things in a down-to-earth manner. All this is due to the pursuit of true environmental protection by Mr. Jian Su, Chairman of Huanhua Jia: Environmental protection is a cause, but also a kind of feeling. I would rather give up some benefits, but also really do what I do.

In order to do a good job in environmental protection, Huan Yejia put forward the brand concept of "individuality, cooperation and win-win under the blue sky". This is also the understanding of the environmental protection industry of Huanjia people: Pollution treatment is a systematic project, which needs to be constructed in detail from all aspects. This requires that each participating environmental protection company must have its own uniqueness in order to work together. To provide the market with high-quality and effective VOCs solutions, this is the meaning of "unique and cooperative". As a practitioner of this concept, after years of investing in research and development, Huanqiang Jia has come up with a set of effective new methods for treating VOCs with the core idea of "wind reduction and concentration" theory-ESO. On this basis, with its in-depth understanding of the industry and strong professional technology, Huanjia fully integrates the industry's high-quality resources, and cooperates with leading brands in environmental protection to provide customers with better and more efficient ESO + solutions. At the same time, we will create more value for customers and achieve "under the blue sky of win-win" together. This requires that all cooperative enterprises avoid the purpose of "circling money", grasp the balance between environmental protection and economy in the process of environmental protection governance, strive to implement true environmental protection, and jointly take responsibility for the blue sky.

Technical advantages of ESO

Governance companies must not only consider the immediate needs of user companies in the process of pollution control, but also take into account the long-term interests of users, and enhance their competitiveness through technology or solutions. On the other hand, polluting enterprises should understand that pollution control is not only a responsibility and investment, but also enhances the competitiveness of the enterprise. Based on the economic, environmental and social benefits, and the balance of the three effects, a win-win situation for polluting enterprises, environmental protection enterprises and the government is achieved.

At present, "ESO +" has achieved VOCs exhaust gas standard treatment and free heating in the application case of a color printing company in Zhengzhou. This is also the first successful case in the domestic flexible packaging industry. While achieving the company's standard emissions, it also provides customers with monthly Save more than 50,000 yuan, the longer the start-up time, the more the province, the possibility of stealing emissions from the source is solved, and its governance effect has been recognized by the national environmental protection department. This is undoubtedly good news for the packaging and printing industry. As Mr. Jian Su said, "As a first step, it is a good achievement, but we hope to achieve full marks in the future, so that more enterprises in the industrial field can start from ESO + as a whole. Benefit from solutions. "

Economic comparison of ESO + RTO and other solutions

Fourth, the right medicine

The healthy development of the market and the realization of true environmental protection require not only the efforts of environmental protection enterprises, but also the pollution companies' full attention to the problem. At present, polluting enterprises face three problems when facing environmental protection governance:

1. Incorrect selection. Pollution companies have insufficient understanding of VOCs governance, inadequate preparations, coupled with the chaos of the environmental protection industry, and mixed technologies, which has led enterprises to choose ineffective governance technologies.

2. Can't afford to invest. Generally speaking, the upfront investment in the governance process of VOCs is not a small expense. Generally small and medium-sized enterprises may face difficulties in not being able to invest due to insufficient funds.

3, can not support. At present, there are many domestic measures to meet the standards, but most of the equipment is relatively expensive to operate and maintain, which indirectly leads to rising production costs. To save money, enterprises turn on and off the machine, and even become a means to deal with environmental protection departments.

In order to solve the above-mentioned problems, Huanqianjia pioneered the ESO + overall solution. From the user's standpoint, it solved the VOCs governance problem with a professional and considerate service model. First of all, it is called on many departments to jointly establish a credible platform for screening technology, or through Huanjia's consultancy services, to help companies choose the solution that best suits their own situation, and ensure that the implementation effect meets environmental protection standards. Secondly, Huanqianjia has been prepared to share responsibility for environmental governance, and with sufficient support from the state, it has actively explored multiple cooperation modes to make more contributions to the upgrading and transformation of the environmental protection industry. Finally, Huanjia's ESO + overall solution can help enterprises achieve environmental protection standards while bringing additional economic benefits and enhance competitiveness, and users can choose installment services according to their own capabilities, so that pollution control is no longer a corporate burden.

The VOCs market is from scratch, and chasing from chaos is a process of sandstorming. The governance of VOCs has been pushed to its peak, and the ability to seize opportunities depends on the capabilities of individual companies. If we want to seize the opportunity in the hundreds of billions of markets in front of us, environmental protection companies must not just focus on them, we must be able to provide users with long-term governance solutions. Only by adhering to bringing greater benefits to users, working hand in hand with leaders with a common mind and vision, and developing solidly and steadily, can it be possible to divide the largest piece of cheese!

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Regarding " 100 billion market is imminent, how can environmental protection companies" continue to be the first? "
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