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Qingdao Yongying launches a new generation of air sampler

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Qingdao Yingying was founded in 1988. With 29 years of technology accumulation and experience accumulation, Yingying technology has always been at the forefront of the industry. The high-tech precision instruments and equipments that should be produced involve environmental and atmospheric monitoring, industrial waste gas monitoring, environmental water quality monitoring, environmental emergency monitoring, technical measurement testing and other environmental protection fields. The market share of similar products ranks first in China, and it is an environmental monitoring analysis instrument Field and technology solutions leader.

Qingdao Yingying's new generation of air sampler "Yingying 2022" can be applied to the solution absorption method for 24 hours continuous constant temperature, constant current collection of SO2, NOX and other pollutant gases in the ambient air.

In response to the lack of samplers in the current market, we have made great improvements and improvements in the performance of constant temperature, constant current, water resistance, weight, and wireless communications for new products, which can be used for environmental protection, health, labor, security supervision, military, scientific research. Departments of education and education are used for routine monitoring of gaseous substances.

This product strictly implements the "JJG956

-2013 Atmospheric Sampler "Detection Regulations and" HJ / T376-200

724 hours constant temperature automatic continuous ambient air sampler technical requirements and detection methods "standard, and adopts built-in large-capacity lithium battery, built-in LED lighting, imported diaphragm pump, sampling thermostat, OLED display, brown protective cover and plastic body, etc. The design improves the heating and cooling performance, and enhances the safety and stability during the use of the product. While automatically calculating the cumulative sampling volume, it can convert the standard sampling volume based on air pressure and temperature; it automatically protects when a power failure occurs Data, call can be restored. The product is suitable for extremely complex sampling environments such as high, low and high and low temperatures.

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