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The world's first mobile haze removal technology Chengdu Environmental Protection Corps contributes to "black technology" for haze control

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Technology helps fight the haze. The reporter learned from the Chengdu Science and Technology Haze Control Technology and Product Application Promotion Conference held yesterday that Chengdu energy-saving and environmental protection enterprises contributed "black technology"-a group of third-party product test reports recently released by China Testing Technology Research Institute showed that Chengdu is vulnerable Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "E-Tech") "large-scale mobile haze removal purification device" and Zhongzi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhongzi Environmental Protection") "light gasoline (diesel) oil vehicle exhaust purification device ", All passed the assessment with good results.

World's First Innovative Mobile Haze Removal Cleans Air in Stations, Airports and Hospitals

In a semi-open industrial plant center of 27 meters x 27 meters x 7 meters, the smoke cake was ignited. After a period of time, PM2.5 reached 236.84 micrograms per cubic meter; subsequently, a "large-scale mobile haze removal and purification device was opened. "After 1 hour, PM2.5 was collected at different distances in the horizontal, vertical, and 45-degree directions and the concentration was calculated. The results showed that the PM2.5 purification rate was above 87%.

"After the device is running, the PM2.5 concentration at the air outlet is only a few micrograms per cubic meter or even zero." According to a person in charge of Yifa Technology, the life of traditional materials with high utilization rates in purification devices such as air purifiers on the market is generally In a few months, the filtration accuracy will drop from 99% to about 80% after more than 10 days of use. The "intermetal compound paper-type membrane technology" independently developed by Ease Technology can maintain the filtration accuracy of 99% within two years.

In addition, according to the relevant person in charge of E-Technology, the intermetallic compound porous materials independently developed by E-Technology have high-temperature mechanical properties, good processability, good environmental corrosion resistance, high-temperature oxidation resistance, and high porosity accuracy. Features. "Porous intermetallic compounds also have antibacterial and bactericidal effects."

"Haze absorbing and removing haze effect is obvious" is the evaluation in the third-party product test report issued by China Testing Technology Research Institute. Tests show that within 20 meters in the horizontal direction, the purification efficiency reaches 88.6%. Within 1 meter in the horizontal direction, the purification efficiency is as high as 91.1%. He Yuehui, the founder of the core technology of Transtech, obtained the PCT patent for this technology in 2007. At that time, no other person or organization in the world was engaged in related research.

"Previously, we mainly used this technology for product development in industrial source control." The relevant person in charge said that the newly developed device has an effective radius of 15-20 meters and an air volume of more than 10,000 cubic meters per hour. PM2.5 can be reduced in minutes, and it can be used in semi-closed large public places with concentrated crowds such as stations, airports, and hospitals.

At present, Easetech is stepping up the improvement of the appearance of this product to build a large-scale mobile haze removal and purification device of version 2.0. "The 2.0 version will be more beautiful. In addition, we have designed combined equipment to cover a wider area."

New exhaust purification device halves carbon emissions of passenger cars and taxis

"We focus on research and development of alternative exhaust purification devices. According to the different models of cars, taxis, buses, heavy diesel vehicles and construction machinery, the products are divided into 5 types." Introduction, at present, product development for cars and taxis has been completed.

According to the test report of the China Institute of Testing Technology, a brand has already driven 200,000 kilometers of national third-standard light gasoline vehicles (sedans). After using a newly developed device from China Environmental Protection, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxides The emission reduction rates reached 80.64%, 72.97%, and 85.91%, respectively, and the emissions were only about 50% of the national three emission standards.

The reporter has learned that Sino-Environmental Protection is expected to carry out research and development preparations for the replacement of heavy-duty diesel vehicle exhaust purification devices at the end of this month or next month.

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