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Wuhan Starts Development of Automatic Monitor for Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds in Water

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The reporter learned from the Environmental Protection Science and Technology Department of Wuhan City, Hubei Province that a new type of portable detection instrument for responding to sudden environmental accidents in rivers, an automatic monitor for semivolatile organic compounds in water, is being developed in Wuhan. This instrument can detect various "hidden" organics in water within 30 minutes, providing a scientific basis for rapid and safe disposal.

In recent years, frequent environmental accidents in rivers and other water bodies, such as nitrobenzene in Songhua River, aniline in Changzhi, and phenol in Xinan River, have seriously threatened the safety of water bodies. According to experts, such organics are more difficult to degrade in the environment than volatile organics (such as benzene and formaldehyde), and they exist for a longer period of time. They are adsorbed on particulate matter and are easily inhaled by the body. They are called semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs). There are many kinds of them, more than 50 kinds, mainly from some organic emissions around the water source. The content of SVOCs in water is extremely low, and the national detection standard is mostly about 0.01 mg / liter, which is equivalent to dripping a drop of ink in a swimming pool. The "physical and toxicological effects" of "invisible pollutants" are significant. If they are exposed for a long time, they will seriously endanger human health.

At present, the entire R & D work, which is listed as a major scientific instrument development project-"Automatic monitoring instrument for semi-volatile organic compounds in water", has been fully launched. According to the plan, the development team will use a number of international cutting-edge technologies to build a new set of testing equipment, and is expected to achieve mass production in 2020. The product will realize the online and fast detection of SVOCs in water for the first time. It can detect 24 kinds of "invisible pollutants" at once within 30 minutes, just like a "zhaoying mirror" makes the invisible pollutants in the water visible and caught.

According to industry insiders, this product can make up for the disadvantages of time-consuming, labor-intensive, large solvent usage of traditional processing methods, better separation and detection of organic matter in water, and greatly improve the ability to respond to environmental accidents and daily monitoring of water quality.

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