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Bishuiyuan launched a new generation of intelligent integrated sewage purification system

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At present, the security of rural water supply in China is worrying, and the sewage treatment coverage rate is much lower than that of cities and towns. Under the background of the country's accelerated comprehensive improvement of the rural environment, the rural water service market has become a must for all water service companies, and it has also promoted the upgrading of related products. A few days ago, Bishuiyuan launched a new generation of intelligent integrated sewage purification system at the 7th China International Water Technology Exhibition and China International Membrane and Water Treatment Technology and Equipment Exhibition.

It is reported that Bishuiyuan is a high-tech environmental protection enterprise that has always been optimistic about the prospects of the rural sewage treatment market. In the early stage of development, the first bucket of gold was dug through the innovative development of rural sewage treatment equipment CWT. It was the first generation of the first application in rural Beijing. CWT uses membrane technology as the core technology, and the effluent water quality can reach the surface level IV water standard, which is unmatched by other technologies. At the same time, due to the optimization and integration of equipment, intermittent operation can be performed according to the amount of water, such as during the period of low electricity prices, which greatly reduces energy consumption and operating costs.

In addition to technological innovation, Bishuiyuan has also made innovations in its model. By adopting "enterprise construction stations and government piping networks" for new sites, environmental service providers have adopted BOT to unify "regional bundling". The plant and station used regional sewage facilities to be packaged and commissioned to successfully kill a rural water treatment road with a demonstration effect in the country. Investment projects such as Beijing Miyunshi Town Sewage Treatment Station, Huairou Tanghekou Sewage Treatment Project, Mentougou Chenjiazhuang Sewage Treatment Station and other typical rural water treatment projects are the embryonic form of the current "green water village" model.

As the country continues to promote the construction of new rural areas, in order to more flexibly adapt to the current difficulties in rural sewage treatment, Bishuiyuan has also improved and upgraded the first-generation CWT. According to reports, in addition to the ground-mounted installation of the first-generation CWT, An underground sewage treatment station can be built with a small footprint and a fully enclosed device, which reduces the impact on the surrounding environment; the second-generation CWT upgraded on this basis is further flexible and designed to be more convenient to transport And the installation of the container type completely eliminates infrastructure costs.

In addition, its internal design is modular and can be arbitrarily combined according to processing needs. For example, to meet the discharge requirements of wastewater treatment standards, you can choose an integrated biochemical + MBR + automatic control module combination, which can be used as a non-drinking channel such as greening, toilet flushing, car washing, floor cleaning, landscape water, etc .; for the needs of rapid effectiveness of black and odorous water treatment, you can choose Integrated large-size MBR + DF + automatic control module combination, that is, mobile processing equipment, can make the effluent reach the surface level III water quality, which is a weapon for the battle against black and stinky water. For the needs of domestic sewage recycling in dry areas, you can choose integrated biochemical + super The combination of filter + DF + automatic control module constitutes a new water device, which can realize the quality and batch treatment of domestic wastewater. The quality of the effluent water can meet the needs of quality water such as irrigation, washing and drinking. Residents' drinking water is healthy, especially suitable for the northwestern region, ensuring good water in the cellar.

As an innovative solution for rural sewage treatment, Bishuiyuan's first-generation CWT equipment has been put into use in tens of thousands of rural areas across the country, with a total processing scale of nearly 100,000 m3 / d. After the second-generation CWT has been put on the market, The rural sewage treatment market has been applied on a large scale. In addition to being rapidly put into use in Beijing, Inner Mongolia and other regions, it has also participated in the country's first "urban repair and ecological restoration" pilot city in the upper reaches of the Sanya River in Sanya City, Hainan Province. In the governance work, it is expected to promote the whole country through the demonstration of the project.

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