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Domestic catalyst can ultra-deep desulfurization of diesel

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Recently, a new type of catalyst and industrial application results jointly developed by the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Group passed the appraisal of the results in Beijing. This new type of catalyst is called "layered polymetallic sulfide catalyst", which was developed by academician Li Can and can be applied to the ultra-deep desulfurization of diesel oil. It has applied for 12 invention patents and 5 have been authorized. It has independent intellectual property rights.

The appraisal committee organized by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation believes that the catalyst belongs to the internationally advanced level and can promote the industrial production of diesel that meets the national V standard. It is suitable for the ultra-deep desulfurization of diesel in China and has a broad application prospect. They proposed to increase the promotion of industrial applications as soon as possible so that the technology can better serve the field of clean diesel production in China.

Academician Li Can revealed that the project has made breakthroughs in key technologies in the catalyst research and development process, and introduced cheap metals on the basis of maintaining the catalyst's ultra-high hydrodesulfurization activity. This innovation effectively reduces the cost of catalyst preparation while maintaining the internationally leading effect of ultra-deep desulfurization of diesel, and makes the catalyst unit more suitable for the actual situation of Chinese oil refining enterprises.

Fog and haze are the focus of ecological environment management during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, and fuel gas emissions from motor vehicles are one of the main causes of haze weather. China has compulsorily implemented regulations to reduce the sulfur content of fuel oil, and will implement the national V diesel standard with sulfur content below 10mg / kg by the end of this year. The most economical and simple way to upgrade diesel quality is to develop a highly active hydrodesulfurization catalyst. The newly identified layered polymetallic sulfide catalyst can be applied to straight-run diesel, mixed straight-run diesel and catalytic diesel, and ultra-deep desulfurization of catalytic diesel to meet the sulfur index requirements of China V and even future China VI diesel.

Li Jun, general manager of Yanchang Petroleum Refinery Company, said in an interview with this reporter that the new catalyst has been verified by industrial test operation on the 200,000-ton / year diesel hydrogenation unit of Yanchang Petroleum Yongping Refinery. When mixed with catalytic diesel fuel (mass ratio 2: 1), the sulfur content of refined diesel products is less than 1mg / kg, which is much better than the national V diesel standard, and the desulfurization rate exceeds 99.9%.

"The new technology is easy to be industrialized, and the existing hydrodesulfurization equipment of the refinery can meet the operating conditions of the layered polymetallic sulfide desulfurization catalyst. Therefore, the existing hydrodesulfurization device catalyst was replaced with the layered polymetallic sulfur Biodesulfurization catalyst, can produce clean diesel better than the national V sulfur content requirements. "Li Jun said.

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