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Sewage surface water heat pump heating and cooling system passed certification

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A few days ago, in the 2016 "Shandong Province's first (set) major technical equipment in key areas" certification, Qingdao Kechuang Blue New Energy Co., Ltd. based on the drainage and heat transfer of sewage and surface water heat pump cooling system through Taiwan (set) technical equipment certification.

The first (set) of technical equipment must be independently developed and produced by the company, and its technical level must reach the international and domestic leading levels. This recognition signifies the development level and technological innovation capabilities of a regional equipment manufacturing industry.

"Sewage and surface water heat pump heating and cooling equipment based on drainage heat transfer" uses sewage and surface water as heat pump cold and heat sources to heat and cool buildings, with 50% energy saving potential and 30% economic benefits. The product has made subversive original innovations for the major problems that have not been effectively solved in the filtration and heat exchange of sewage and surface water heat pump heating and cooling systems, as well as the common key issue of low-grade energy utilization, such as high transmission energy consumption ratio. It solves the key common problems of complicated process, low heat exchange efficiency, instability, and high system energy consumption ratio of sewage and surface water heat pump systems, and achieves efficient and stable operation and strong practicability of sewage and surface water heat pump heating and cooling systems. The promotion of products conforms to the outline of the national science and technology development plan, the green building development plan of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the requirements of the building renewable energy promotion and application of the Ministry of Housing and Construction. It is an important way to implement building energy conservation and emission reduction.

This system belongs to original innovation, and its technology level is internationally advanced. It has taken the lead in realizing major innovations in principle, structure, and performance in the field of domestic and foreign sewage and surface water heat pump heating and cooling. It has significant energy saving, material saving and environmental protection features. It also has independent intellectual property rights, meets the project declaration requirements of the Provincial Economic and Information Commission, and meets the national industrial policy and the requirements of energy conservation, consumption reduction, environmental protection, and safety.

Compared with traditional heating and air-conditioning methods, it can save energy and reduce emissions by 50% and save operating costs by 30%. Compared with the existing technology, it achieves efficient non-clogging heat transfer, significantly simplified technology, continuous and stable operation, and guarantees a heating effect of 20 C and a cooling effect of 24 C. Its operation and maintenance cycle is more than two years, which has increased by 10 -20 times, the system efficiency is increased by 20%, and the initial investment is saved by 30%. Calculated in general cold areas according to the construction area, the initial investment is 60-90 yuan / ㎡, and the operating cost is 13-18 yuan / ㎡.

Through the identification of the first (set) of technical equipment, it is an affirmation of the technology and contribution of Science and Technology Blue, and is an acknowledgement of the corporate philosophy of “Energy Saving, Emission Reduction, Harmonious and Natural”. Science and Technology Blue will continue to independently innovate and industrialize major technology and equipment. Accelerate the research and development of new products, strengthen technological innovation, improve the overall level and core competitiveness of enterprises, realize the innovation, high-end and industrial development of enterprises, better promote the development of the industry and create greater social and economic benefits.

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