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Ma Changjun: "Light Pollution" Beats "Bright Project"

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In recent years, many cities across the country have "bright projects", even small counties are catching up with this trend, and all places are keen to create "bright projects", although there have been constant criticisms, for example, some local governments say that power is tight, "Electric order", but the so-called "bright project" still shines, and many citizens complain.

It is estimated that no one has thought of summarizing the power consumption of the "bright projects" nationwide. I suspect that at least one medium-sized power plant is busy. The electric lamp was originally invented to give people light, but the so-called "lighting project" is for people to see electric lamps. If the neon lights of various commercial organizations are a type of signboard advertising, this "bright project" should be counted as a signboard advertising in the city, but does the city need such signboard advertising? As far as I know, in some places, when “the power is turned off to limit electricity consumption, energy saving and emission reduction”, “bright projects” are favored and excluded from “energy saving and emission reduction”. The "light project" is of paramount importance to the leaders. It is said that the "light project" can show the vitality of the city. Even if there are thousands of households with black lights, the city must make people look brilliant.

Many government agencies are an indispensable part of the "bright project", and the dazzling landscape lights reflect the luxurious office buildings in the middle of the night. Who is it for? Who would be too anxious to watch the "bright project" of the government building there?

In many places, several bridges have been erected on the river passing through the city, and they have joined the "brightness project" with the banks on both sides of the river. The river surface of a few miles or even dozens of miles is also reflected in colorful lights. Do fish like a day, frog busy a day like to enjoy such artificial scenery? Are the trees in the "Light Project" and the birds inhabiting them fascinated by the colorfulness? No one asked for their opinions, and they didn't ask whether to disturb their rest. Many lights in the city are light pollution and light harassment. In the modern fast-paced life, many people in the city are not getting enough sleep. It is because the night praised by some voices is like daylight, and the quality of sleep is also greatly affected. They always feel exhausted. It's great to make the city's night sky darker and let people sleep well.

The "light project" is brilliant. You see the moon, but you don't see the moonlight. The poetic beauty of water is no longer there. The moon in the night sky of the city is as pale as a piece of paper. People probably forgot the moon early, and there was light on the ground. , There is no moon in the sky. Not to mention the stars, sparse and fuzzy, where will you wink, "Blink and Glitter" may become historical memory. It is rare to find the love before the flowers. The excessive brightness makes the romance of the city artificially carved and loses its innocence.

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