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Report on illegal dumping of waste acid

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Yesterday, the municipal environmental monitoring detachment issued an announcement: Recently, the detachment found that illegal elements in the city development zone and Zhangzhou District of Tongzhou District dumped waste acid without authorization, and the public security organs have been involved in the investigation. In order to severely crack down on such environmental violations and improve the regional environmental quality, it was decided to report to the society with awards.

It is understood that the reporter can make a real or anonymous report by phone, letter, email, etc .; the basic information such as the name of the waste acid transport unit, the brand of the transport vehicle or vessel, the dumping location, and the dumping time must be provided. Evidence of pictures, videos, etc. The municipal environmental supervision detachment strictly keeps the real-name reporters. For anonymous reports, a six-digit password must be prepared and notified to the receiving department for verification when receiving the bonus. The municipal environmental supervision detachment welcomes any unit and individual to report. It is true that the illegal dumping of waste acid is reported. The first reporter will be rewarded 5,000 to 20,000 yuan. Report hotline: 12369; report email: 12369@nthb.cn; or write to Nantong Environmental Petition and Complaint Reporting Center (Address: No. 261, Qingnian Middle Road, Nantong, 226006).

As a useful attempt and innovative measure for public participation in environmental protection, in May last year, the municipal environmental protection department issued the “Nantong Municipality's Rewarding Measures for Reporting Environmental Illegal Acts”. In addition to increasing the maximum amount of the reward to 20,000 yuan, the report on the report was strengthened. Protection of people. The "Measures" clearly provide strict confidentiality of the names and contact information of real-name reporters; anonymous reporters can write a six-digit password and inform the acceptance department for verification when receiving bonuses. Last September, the "Measures" were honored for the first time, and a total of 29,800 yuan in rewards have been issued to reporters of 22 environmental protection cases, the highest of which is 10,000 yuan. It is understood that according to two reports made by the same citizen last year, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau and the public security department launched a joint law enforcement against Nantong Baoye Chemical Co., Ltd., and finally seized the company's illegal landfill of hazardous solid waste, causing serious environmental pollution. After further investigation, the law enforcement department also found that the company had illegal activities such as expanding production capacity without authorization. To this end, the city's environmental protection department issued the largest environmental protection ticket in the history of 600,000 yuan. On September 4 last year, this brave whistleblower also received the largest ever prize of 10,000 yuan awarded by the city's environmental protection department.

The person in charge of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau said that for the public to report, the environmental protection department will ensure that “reports must be investigated”, “reports must be investigated”, and “results must be achieved wherever possible”. I hope more citizens will pay attention to environmental protection, understand environmental protection and support environmental protection .

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Comments on " Reporting the Unlawful Dumping of Waste Acid in Nantong City Environmental Monitoring Detachment "
1st floor Guteng netizens

In Xinzhuang Village, Libao Town, Hai'an County, Nantong, Jiangsu, there is a new dug fish pond in the contracted land, which often discharges sewage into the river. Affect the normal ecological environment of surrounding countryside. The most serious thing is that all the water he uses is groundwater, the water surface is very large, and the water is drained and exchanged within a few days. The source of wasted water is serious. Moreover, it is the source of groundwater. I hope the leaders of Nantong will pay attention. Inconvenience

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2nd floor Guteng netizen

There is a king ’s family selling tofu in the old family of Laodunan Village, Xiting Town, Tongzhou District, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province. All of the burned waste clothes were sold and the waste insoles dragged back in the Xiting No. 1 factory produced black particles, which wreak havoc on environmental safety. Departments can attach importance to help the masses solve.

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