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2020 China (Beijing) International HVAC Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Equipment Exhibition

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Exhibition Name: 2020 China (Beijing) International HVAC Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Equipment Exhibition
Development time: 2020-04-01
End time: 2020-04-03
Exhibition hall : Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center

【Exhibition Overview】
Show summary:

With the rapid development of the national economy, ecological and environmental problems have become increasingly prominent. Especially in recent years, due to changes in climatic conditions and unreasonable energy use, many environmental problems have occurred, which have caused huge impacts on people's production and life. At present, the coal-to-electricity project in North China is in full swing, and the coal-to-electricity project in the western region is about to break out, which brings us huge business opportunities in the HVAC industry! The Refrigeration Exhibition, as the industry's most professional and highest specification industry event, has been hailed as the weathervane of the domestic HVAC industry.

The 2020 China (Beijing) International HVAC. Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Equipment Exhibition is scheduled to be grandly held from April 1st to 3rd, 2020 in Beijing. Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition area is 40,000 square meters, and the number of participating companies is expected to be 800. At that time, the organizing committee will hold more than ten industry cutting-edge technology and new product release conferences to showcase the industry's gorgeous banquets. The relevant matters are notified as follows, please actively organize local related enterprises to exhibit and visit.

1. Registration and exhibition: March 30th to March 31st, 2020 (8: 30-17: 30)
2. Exhibiting time: April 1st-April 3rd, 2020 (9: 00-16: 30)
3. Time for withdrawal: April 3, 2020 (14:00)

[Exhibition Scope]
Exhibits Scope ● Floor heating, electric heating products and technologies / air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, water source heat pump products and technologies
● Fresh air products, indoor air detection and purification technology equipment
● Central air-conditioning and air-conditioning terminal equipment ● Heat metering, heat exchange and accessory products and technologies
● Heating radiators and related products and technologies / HVAC products and technologies
● Boiler, wall-hung boiler products and technology
● Renewable energy and solar heating products and technologies
● Pumps, valves, fittings and water treatment equipment

[Exhibition Fee]
Participation costs:
Booth category Standard booth from 9㎡ (3 * 3) Open space from 36㎡
Domestic enterprises 15800 ¥ / extension 1500 ¥ / ㎡
Joint venture 18800 ¥ / extension 1800 ¥ / ㎡
1. Standard booth 9m2 (3m 3m); Configuration: three-sided display board (2.5m high), a Chinese and English fascia board, a negotiation table, two chairs, a carpet, a 220V power socket, two spotlights.
2. Bare land (minimum rent from 36 m2); Configuration: exhibition space, security services, public liability insurance, no facilities.
Conference Directory and Advertising
Conference journal Cover back cover Cover one two Cover three Cross coloring page Inside color page
RMB 25,000 yuan 20000 yuan 15000 yuan 12000 yuan 8000 yuan 5000 yuan
Admission ticket 10,000 yuan 20,000 Spectator Badge 30,000 yuan Exclusive Exhibitor Badge 30,000 yuan Exclusive
Visitor registration book 30,000 yuan 5000 copies Invitation cards: 10,000 yuan 20,000 Information bag 30,000 yuan 5000
Note: A detailed list of each indoor and outdoor advertising space is attached separately

Exhibiting Procedures <br /> Fill in the booth application form, scan or fax to the organizing committee after stamping. Within 3 working days of applying for the booth, the exhibition fee will be wire-transferred or handed over to the organizing committee. The principle of booth order allocation: "first application, first payment, first arrangement", otherwise the organizer will treat it as abandoning the exhibition. After receiving the "Exhibition Application Form" and the booth fee, the organizer will send the invoice to the exhibitor together with the "Exhibition Manual". Exhibitors voluntarily register for the exhibition after learning about the exhibition. They cannot withdraw for any reason and reason, or they have not paid for the fees.

China Refrigeration Industry and Air Conditioning Industry Association, China Building Materials Distribution Association, Electric Heating Committee, Beijing Energy Conservation Supervision Center
Beijing Wanglv Exhibition Co., Ltd.
German Austrian Exhibition Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

【contact details】
Organizing Committee Liaison Office:
German Austrian Exhibition Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Contact: Manager Xu 136 3634 9782
Email: mark_xj@yeah.net
Website: http://www.xbzlz.com/

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