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2020 The Fifth China (Zhengzhou) International Water Show & Urban Water Supply and Drainage and Water Treatment Expo

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Exhibition Name: 2020 The Fifth China (Zhengzhou) International Water Show and Urban Water Supply and Drainage and Water Treatment Expo
Development time: 2020-08-27
End time: 2020-08-29
Exhibition Hall : Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center (Zhengdong New District CBD)

【Exhibition Overview】
【market background】
The "13th Five-Year Plan" period is a decisive stage for building a well-off society in an all-round way. It is an important stage for implementing the spirit of the Central City Working Conference, working with the international community to promote new urbanization, and promoting green development. , System governance, two-handed efforts ", an important period to break the bottleneck of national water security constraints. The next few years will be a crucial period to further promote the construction of a water-saving society. It will usher in new opportunities as well as new challenges.

Water is the source of life, the essence of production, and the basis of ecology. At present, the situation of China's water resources is still very severe, with problems such as low water efficiency, serious water pollution, deterioration of the aquatic environment, and shortage of water resources, which have become the main bottlenecks that restrict sustainable economic and social development. In order to promote the sustainable use of water resources and the transformation of economic development methods, and to ensure the long-term stable and rapid development of the economy and society, the outline of the national "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" clearly states that "the most stringent water resource management system shall be adopted to determine production by water and water. City, building a water-saving society "and other requirements. It is necessary to accurately grasp the new connotations and requirements of the construction of a water-saving society, enhance the awareness of suffering and responsibility, respect the laws and the reality, strengthen the management of urban construction, focus on adjusting the structure of water use, improving water efficiency, and cracking water and water environment constraints Issues, guarantee national water security, and promote the construction of ecological civilization.

[Exhibition Purpose]
Lead the development of the water industry with five development concepts of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing. Insist on improving the efficiency and benefits of water resources as the core, strengthen water demand management, change water usage modes, and actively cultivate water-saving production and consumption modes. Establish water-saving mechanisms for government regulation, market guidance, and public participation. A three-dimensional water-saving model in all fields and comprehensively promotes the construction of a water-saving society with “complete systems, complete systems, complete facilities, efficient use, self-discipline, and effective supervision”.

【Exhibition Highlights】
China's most important emerging market ————
Henan is the most important emerging market in mainland China. It is an important population province, commodity distribution center, economic province and emerging industrial province in China. In 2017, the province ’s GDP was 4,498.816 billion yuan, an increase of 7.8 over the previous year. % The growth rate is 0.9 percentage points higher than the national average. The economic aggregate continues to maintain the fifth place in the country and the first place in central and western provinces. The market potential is huge.
Regional Prospects ————
The Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange is China's first inland only futures exchange. Zhengzhou Airport Area is the only national-level airport economic experimental area in China. It has the largest train marshalling station in Asia and the largest LTL cargo transfer station in China. The China (Henan) Pilot Free Trade Zone is a newly established free trade zone in China. On January 22, 2017, the state formally wrote back to Zhengzhou to build a national central city. The Central Plains urban agglomeration with Henan as the main body is the fourth growth pole of China's economy.
Important National Comprehensive Transportation Hub ————
Henan's transportation has obvious advantages. It is an important transportation hub in the country that connects east to west and connects south to north. There are five passages in Henan in the country's “10 vertical and 10 horizontal” comprehensive transportation corridors. Zhengzhou has initially formed a national railway network. "Double Cross" center. Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport is one of the eight major regional hub airports nationwide determined by the National Civil Aviation Administration of China. It has opened 29 international freight routes and basically formed an international air freight network with Zhengzhou as the hub and connecting four continents such as Asia, Europe, and Australia. The “meter” -shaped high-speed rail network newly planned and constructed by the state has further strengthened Zhengzhou's core transportation hub status, forming a “half-hour economic circle” of the Central Plains urban agglomeration centered on Zhengzhou and a “3-hour economic circle” nationwide, centered on Zhengzhou Airport Within 1.5 hours of flight, it can cover 2/3 of the major cities and 3/5 of the population.
Multi-channel marketing methods ————
Professional promotion and operation team brings maximum exposure to corporate brands, 200+ domestic and foreign vertical industry media, 20,000+ WeChat fan audience, 230,000 industry-related data EDM sending, 10+ TV, newspaper, radio, SMS, phone, VIP Buyer invitation activities, trade show promotion, portals, new media promotion reports, etc .; Close cooperation relationships with more than 80+ domestic and foreign industry associations, societies, chambers of commerce and other related organizations have been provided to provide greater opportunities for exhibitors to develop trade relations.
Viewing through train ———
During the exhibition, the purpose of "finding sellers for buyers and buyers for sellers" was implemented. During the exhibition, the entire Central Plains Economic Zone ranged within a radius of 500 kilometers from Zhengzhou, and the buses freely transported the audience to the exhibition.
International modern exhibition venues ————
Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center is one of the three landmark buildings in Zhengzhou's Central Business District. It is located in the CBD business district of Zhengdong New District and has very convenient transportation. The main body is composed of a conference center and an exhibition center. The building area is 276,600 square meters and the parking area is With a total area of 45,000 square meters, it is a large-scale exhibition facility integrating exhibitions, conferences, cultural activities, catering, and tourism. Take Metro Line 1 [Convention Center Station] directly to the exhibition hall in the city.

Target audience
★ Water Group / Company, Waterworks, Sewage Treatment Plant, Water Supply and Drainage Company, Municipal Construction, Transportation, Electricity, Communication, Gas, Heat, HVAC, Fire Fighting, Sponge City Center, Town Water Supply and Drainage Association, Environmental Protection Association, Water Conservancy Society / Associations, experts and scholars in relevant scientific research institutions such as urban water system planning and design, water ecological environment protection and governance, water science research institute, water conservancy and hydropower university, vocational technical college, planning survey and design institute, etc.
★ Representatives of local governments and pilot cities, department of construction (bureau), construction commission, development and reform commission, water conservancy / water affairs bureau (bureau), environmental protection bureau (bureau), environmental protection bureau (bureau), river and lake office, municipal administration office , Water Supply and Drainage Management Office, Water Saving Office, Garden Bureau, Energy Bureau, Flood Control Office, Energy Saving Office, Xincheng New District Management Committee, etc .;
★ Smart cities, urban complexes, urban infrastructure construction, architectural design institutes, real estate developers, building contractors, decoration companies, architects, designers, engineers, hydraulics, hospitals, schools, institutions, hotels and hotels , Shopping malls, buildings and other property management agencies;
★ Water conservancy, power plant, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, steel, paper, textile, environmental protection, pharmaceutical, boiler, irrigation, food, beverage, electronics, plastic and other industrial enterprises;
★ Importers, wholesalers, distributors, agents, manufacturers, retailers, investment and trading companies;
★ Representatives of the Commercial Office of the Embassy in China, overseas trade organizations in China, banking finance, venture capitalists, newspapers, magazines, TV, Internet and other news media representatives.

[Exhibition Scope]
【Range of exhibition】
Town Water:
☆ Water solution, product, technical service, water information and production operation management system, instrumentation, water quality monitoring / testing, intelligent water meter, remote transmission and metering and metering and billing system, pipe network construction, leakage monitoring, detection and repair Water supply and drainage pipeline management system such as water pipe and GIS, water plant automation, water big data, Internet of Things, cloud platform, etc., water conservancy informatization, hydrology monitoring, river and lake system, water resource monitoring and management, water ecological restoration protection Monitoring and treatment of water environment;

☆ Building water supply and drainage systems and technical equipment, secondary water supply equipment, fire water supply systems, HVAC systems, direct drinking water systems, healthy drinking water pipes, new building pipes, home heating and ventilation pipes, pump valves, pipe fittings, meters, water tanks , Purification filtration, cleaning and disinfection, siphon drainage system, same-layer drainage system, rainwater collection and utilization, domestic sewage system, oil-water separation equipment, sewage lifting equipment, water-saving technology equipment, etc .;
☆ Urban water supply and drainage technology and equipment, integrated pumping stations, water supply and drainage pipes, pump valves, pipe fittings, compensators, inspection wells, drainage ditches, intelligent manhole covers, emergency rescue systems, emergency water supply and drainage, mobile pumping stations / cars, Flood prevention and drainage technology and equipment; sponge city construction, rainwater infiltration, drainage, and discharge integration technology and equipment, such as water features, gardens, and swimming pool systems;

Water treatment:
☆ Industrial water and urban water treatment technology and equipment, reclaimed water treatment and reuse technology, new water recycling technology, seawater desalination, industrial wastewater and urban sewage treatment technology and equipment, membrane and membrane modules, membrane separation technology and equipment, water purification equipment, water Treatment system automatic control, water quality analysis instrument, filter equipment / filler, water treatment chemicals, UV, ozone and other sterilization and disinfection equipment, sludge disposal center, sludge drying, dehydration, drying and other sludge treatment technology equipment.

[Exhibition Fee]
Booth Type: Standard Booth (3m * 3m = 9㎡)
Booth configuration: Booth enclosure, booth fascia, one table and two chairs, one power socket, two spotlights;
Charge standard: RMB 8800 yuan for domestic enterprises / 9㎡ RMB 12800 yuan for foreign enterprises / 9㎡
Booth Type: Luxury Standard Exhibition (3m * 3m = 9㎡)
Booth configuration: Includes standard booth configuration, square aluminum display stand, heightened fascia board, and carpets in the booth;
Charging standard: RMB 10800 yuan for domestic enterprises / 9㎡ RMB 14800 yuan for foreign enterprises / 9㎡
Booth type: Special booth (from 36㎡ for rent)
Booth configuration: open space, no configuration provided, exhibitors will design and build their own booths;
Charge standard: RMB 900 yuan / ㎡ for domestic enterprises RMB 1200 yuan / ㎡ for foreign enterprises;

Technical exchange summit forum: RMB 20,000 yuan / 15 minutes (including venue, audio, drinking water and other related supporting facilities); the summit forum is an important part of the exhibition. During the exhibition, multiple topics will be held on different topics on industry hotspots, market trends, Technology, new materials and other exchange activities, welcome industry colleagues, experts and scholars, government leaders to attend the meeting;


Shanghai Yahao Exhibition Co., Ltd.

【contact details】
Shanghai Yahao Convention & Exhibition Co., Ltd. Contact: Mr. Wang
Mobile / WeChat: + 86-18737135376 QQ: 624135041
Phone: + 86-21-69568599
Fax: + 86-21-33275277
Email: yahaoexpo@163.com
Website: www.buildexpo.cn

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