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"2019 National NF / RO Advanced Technology and Application Seminar"

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Meeting details
Exhibition Name: "2019 National NF / RO Advanced Technology and Application Seminar"
Development time: 2019-12-12
End time: 2019-12-14
Exhibition Hall : Shijiazhuang

[Conference Background]
Related companies:

Reverse osmosis technology is the most mature and widely used membrane separation technology in the field of desalinated water treatment. For more than three decades, membrane water treatment technology, represented by reverse osmosis, has developed vigorously in China. China has become the membrane water treatment technology. The world's largest market.

The vast power of science and technology promotes the rapid progress of the industrial industry. As the mainstream product of separation membrane technology, nanofiltration reverse osmosis technology has also been continuously updated with the trend. Various special environment, more energy-saving and consumption-reducing technologies are constantly coming out. In the 21st century, only by understanding the development trends of new technologies and new products, can we be more effective in the market.

In order to publicize and promote the innovative achievements of nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membranes in China, discuss the future technology and application development direction and strategy of the membrane industry, and promote the production among enterprises, production enterprises, engineering enterprises, application enterprises, and service enterprises. Exchange and integration to create a complete nanofiltration reverse osmosis membrane industry chain. After research, China Membrane Industry Association decided to hold a "2019 National NF / RO Advanced Technology and Application Symposium" in Shijiazhuang from December 12th to 14th, 2019. . The meeting will invite national and industry experts and representatives to discuss the development trends of NF / RO cutting-edge technologies and product functions.

The conference will also hold "Nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membrane national standard announcement meeting", "Membrane system operation fault diagnosis matching meeting" and "Nanofiltration reverse osmosis membrane product promotion meeting". Membrane companies and engineering companies are welcome to attend!

[Meeting schedule]
Conference Overview <br /> Conference Name: "2019 National NF / RO Advanced Technology and Application Symposium"
Organizer: China Membrane Industry Association Organizer: Tangshan Haiqingyuan Technology Co., Ltd. Time: December 14-16, 2019 (Report on December 14, meet on the 15th, and visit on the 16th)
Place: Shijiazhuang City (for details, see the second round of notice)

Conference theme

(1) Various new membrane nanofiltration reverse osmosis membrane products;
(2) New integrated technology and engineering application of NF / RO membrane and other technologies; (3) Improvement of RO membrane production process and membrane performance;
(4) New development of NF membrane application (municipal water supply, water purifier, reclaimed water standard, wastewater reuse, special separation, etc.);
(5) Integrated device;

Participants (1) Nanofiltration reverse osmosis membrane manufacturers and related research institutions-jointly discuss the development direction of advanced technologies and exchange experiences;
(2) Equipment companies, engineering companies, water companies, design institutes, construction enterprises and operating units using reverse osmosis membranes-understand advanced reverse osmosis membrane technology and the latest membrane products;
(3) Dealers, investors, consulting service agencies engaged in seawater desalination, wastewater reuse, and water purification businesses and-control the future development trend of reverse osmosis membranes, grasp business opportunities from a commanding height;
(4) Government agencies and social research institutions concerned with the development of the NF / RO industry;

Conference format and report collection <br /> The conference is conducted in a combination of conference reports and interactive discussions in branch venues.
Except for the part of the report of the conference, which is invited by the association, the participating units can register freely, and then the selection will be recommended by the organizing committee. The total number of selection is 6-8. From now on, the title of the conference report will be solicited. Units who wish to make a report at the conference are requested to report the title as soon as possible.

Concurrent Events
On December 15, 2019, 15: 00-18: 00 pm, three events will be held in the same period:
Session 1: Nanofiltration reverse osmosis product promotion matchmaking event organization unit: Tangshan Haiqingyuan Technology Co., Ltd. Chapter 2: Nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membrane national standard propaganda conference activity organization unit: National Technical Committee for Standardization of Separation Membrane 3: "Member System Operation Troubleshooting Diagnosis Matchmaking"
Event organizer: Tianjin Haihua Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd.

[Conference fee]
Meeting charges

Participation fee: 1,000 yuan / person; Member unit: 800 yuan / person
1. Representatives and lecturers who participated in the training course of “Optimized Design and Operation of Membrane Integrated System” on December 1-5;
2. The exhibitors of the Beijing Water Show 2019;
3. User companies who are interested in Tangshan Haiqingyuan Technology Co., Ltd. products and intend to participate in the matchmaking, please contact Haiqingyuan to register (Li Lulu, 15338257010);
4. Users who intend to participate in the “Member System Operation Fault Diagnosis Matchmaking Meeting”, please contact Tianjin Haihua Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. to register (Liu Baoshan, 13512838149);

Meeting fee remittance account:
Account Name: China Membrane Industry Association Account Bank: Agricultural Bank of China Co., Ltd. Beijing Xuanwu Sub-branch Business Department Account No .: 11171101040005125



【Contact information】
Contact: Liu Han 18911646373
Phone: 010-64433465
Email: 568865221@qq.com

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