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Asia Pool SPA Expo 2020

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Show Name: Asia Pool SPA Expo 2020
Development time: 2020-05-10
End time: 2020-05-12
Exhibition Hall : Guangzhou Canton Fair Exhibition Hall

【Exhibition Overview】

The global pool SPA industry "Oscar" level exchange event-Asia Pool SPA Expo, English name Asia Pool & Spa Expo, based in China, serve the world, for Asian products to go global, for global brands to enter Asia, and provide an efficient trade exchange platform !.

The 2020 Asia Pool SPA Expo is scheduled to be held in the Guangzhou Canton Fair Complex on May 10-12, 2020. The exhibition area is expected to be 30,000+ square meters, 500+ well-known Chinese and foreign exhibitors, 350+ industry media, and 25,000+ visitors. Start the new journey of the swimming pool SPA industry! Promote the steady development of the industry, and build a professional economic and trade platform for enterprises to promote brands, exchange technologies, negotiate cooperation, and develop international markets.

2019 exhibition site review

Asia Pool & Spa Expo 2019 was successfully held on May 9-11, 2019 in Guangzhou. Canton Fair Complex. Asia Pool & SpaExpo 2019's professional audience reached 21,668, an increase of 12.64 compared with last year % Of which 4,390 were international buyers and 28 were from Asia % , Europe 24 % , Oceania 17 % , North America 16 % , South America 7 % , Africa 8 % . As a professional and influential pool SPA trade, technology flow, and product display platform in Asia, the exhibitors gathered at the site repeatedly set new records, including Ivans, Liansheng, Mona Lisa, Julong, HARVIA, Aquarine, ANT , POOL LIFTS, Chemoform, Tintometer, Tecmark Corporation, Swimming Endless, De Novo, Kadali / Visinger, King Brother, Spe, Leo, Venus, Fymez, Poolway, Dr. Swimming, Jianzhijie, Fasile, Fenle, Finlin, Weide, Langwhale, Koya, Daxing, Randi, Guangju, Nuoyi, Junming, Noah, Ou Sidan, Xinhu, Huajin, Yida, Hongyuan, Bolfu, Pu Shida, Changhai, Chuangwen, Wan Xiaoling, Mu Fang, Xibo, Top, Tong Xin, Haolid, Fu Rui, Eurasia, Meihui, Hongzheng, Over 300 domestic and foreign outstanding companies such as water conservancy, Guanyang, Weigu, Wangyuan, Jinye, Daren, Kaidi, Jade, Ammo, Keruida, Fujing, Quanduhui, Digao, Huaye At the exhibition, we gathered together with tens of thousands of customers who came to visit and purchase, and set off a round of efficient business cooperation.

Review of 2019 exhibition activities

I. 2019 China Swimming Pool Equipment Maintenance and Water Quality Management Summit Forum. This forum is co-sponsored by Guangdong Hongwei International Convention and Exhibition Group Co., Ltd., the Asian Swimming Pool SPA Expo Organizing Committee, co-organized by the Guangzhou Swimming Association Equipment Committee, and co-organized by the International Federation of Health, Wellness and Leisure Industry, and the Guangzhou Water Management Sports Center. The forum invited various national standard makers in the pool SPA industry to discuss how to effectively maintain and maintain the efficiency of pool-related equipment, pool water quality safety and management, and share experiences and wisdom.

Second, the 2019 Carpenter's Pool Award-2019 China Pool Water Park Hot Spring Outstanding Engineering Case Selection Awards Ceremony, this event is based on the theme of “Carpenter's Stone Carrying Gold, Big Craftsmanship Does Not Work”. "Authority" selection to build an industry brand; the industry witnesses glory and all-round promotion becomes the focus.

Third, 2019 Chinese and foreign pool SPA industry elite night and thank you dinner

2020 Exhibition Outlook

In order to further enhance the professionalism and influence of this exhibition, the organizing committee will further expand the accurate buyer database to 168,000, cooperate with more than 350 professional and mass media resources, gather 500+ exhibitors, and exhibit With an area of 30,000 square meters +, there will be more "exhibitions" and "meetings" on-site exciting activities. 2020 Asia Pool SPA Expo will continue to serve the pool SPA industry sincerely!

Audience goals for 2020

* Agents, distributors, traders, distributors, engineering firms, scientific research units, design units, foreign offices in China, government agencies, home furnishing chain companies, gymnasiums and other buyers at all levels;
* Villa design institute, decoration design company, design institute, architect, real estate developer;
* Star hotels, high-end clubs, hotel management companies, investment management companies, property management companies, etc. under construction / preparation / opening;
* Clubs, resorts, clubs, bath centers, bath / pedicure centers, spas, swimming pools, public baths / baths, massage centers, etc .;
* Large beauty salons, beauty and body centers, fitness clubs and other operating units and chain institutions;

Highlights of the 2020 show:
First, there are many big brands:
As a domestic professional and influential platform for swimming pool SPA trade, technology exchange and product display, the exhibition gathers various elites in the pool SPA field, gathers the strength of the entire industry, and helps the healthy and stable development of China's pool SPA industry. Gathered on the site are Henvo, Liansheng, Evans, Julong, HARVIA, Aquarine, ANT, POOLLIFTS, Chemoform, Dryden Aqua, SPECK Pumpen, Tintometer, Tecmark Corporation, Mona Lisa, Sunrex, Deno, Wei Chengge, Fasile, Finlo, Finlin, Tianshu, Langwhale, Swimming Without Ends, Leo, Venus, Fu Rui, Weed, Koya, Daxing, Randi, Borfu, Pu Shida, Changhai, Chuangwen, Wan Xiaoling, Topology, Tong Xin, Holid, Eurasia, Guanyang, Weigu, Wangyuan, Phoebus, Noah, Glary, Swimming, Nearly 300 domestic and foreign outstanding companies such as Langwhale, Finlin, Guangju, Nuoyi, Water Conservancy, Furui, Pumai, Dr. Yong, Zhuobang, Huajin, Creta, Fujing, Huikai, Xibo, etc. .

2. Many cooperation agencies :
German Pool Association, International Sauna Association, Korean Spa Association, Japanese Sauna Association, British Pool Trade Association, British and Irish Jacuzzi Association, Australian Pool Spa Association, British Pool Federation, World Spa and Climate Health Federation, Czech Pools and Sauna Association, European Historical Spa Town Association, Singapore Spa & Wellness Association, Slovenian Spa Association, Guangdong Bath & Leisure Association, etc.

Cooperative media:
Swimming? Pool? News in the United States, Wellness? Magazine in the United States, SCHWIMMBAD + SAUNA in Germany, Pool-Magazine in Germany, ONE in Spain? drop ? SL, Russia Pool Magazine, Russia Pool and outdoor? Design, Canada
Pool? &? Spa? Marketing, Australian Splash? Magazine, Korean Wellness? Today, Poland plywalnieibaseny, Netherlands Total? Wellness, Italy Piscine? Oggi, France Lannuairedela? Piscine, France EMOTION? SPA? Magazine, Thailand Builder? News, Singapore BUILDING ? REVIEW? JOURNAL, India Build? Avenue, etc.

4. More exhibitions in the same period in 2020:
2020 Asian Paradise and Attractions Expo
2020 Guangzhou International Theme Park and Cultural Tourism Industry Exhibition
2020 Asian Water Leisure Sporting Goods Expo
2020 Guangzhou International Yacht Industry Expo
Asia Pacific Floor Show 2020
Asia-Pacific Geomaterials Exhibition 2020
2020 Guangzhou International Coating Exhibition

V. Many on-site activities in 2020:
2020 Global Pool SPA Industry Development Summit Forum
2020 Craftsman Pool Award—TOP10 Project Case Selection Awards Ceremony
2020 Le Shui Tour-Overseas buyers visit well-known manufacturers
2020 China Cultural Tourism Resources Matchmaking Conference
2020 Asian Cultural Tourism Industry Development Conference
2020 Chinese and foreign pool SPA industry elite night and thank you dinner
6. Many industry experts:
Mr. Ray Giovine: Pool & Spa News
Mr. Federico Maestrami: CEO of Italian Pool SPA Exhibition, Editor-in-Chief of PiscineOggi Pool SPA Magazine
Mr. Rolf Pieper: Director of the German Sauna Federation and director of the International Sauna Association
Mr.Carsten? Sonnenberg: Chairman of the German Sauna Association and member of the International Sauna Association Zhao Li: Deputy Dean, Chief Engineer of China Architectural Design Institute / Director of the Technical Committee for Water Supply and Drainage Standardization of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development
Yang Shixing: Chief Architect of China Architectural Design Institute / Editor-in-Chief of National Technical Regulations for Water Supply and Drainage in Swimming Pools, Professor-level Senior Engineer
Zhao Xin: Director of Green Design Research Center, China Architectural Design & Research Institute / Deputy Editor-in-Chief / Professional Engineer, National “Pool Water Supply and Drainage Specification” Compilation Group
Zhao Lijun: Deputy Chief Engineer of Guangzhou Design Institute, professor-level senior engineer
Chen Wendong: PhD in Architecture, Institute of Architectural Design, South China University of Technology
Fu Peiyong: Consultant Chief Engineer / Professional Senior Engineer / Registered Equipment (Water Supply and Drainage) Engineer / Member of National Engineering Construction Standard Design Expert Committee
Jinghong Bin: President of Guangdong Bathing Leisure Association
Wang Dengyun: Vice President of Guangdong Commercial Real Estate Investment Association / Asia-Pacific Building Technology Alliance Association
Liu Chunsheng: Technical Director of Guangdong Liansheng Swimming Pool Spa Equipment Co., Ltd.

Seven, overseas publicity:
In order to further enhance the international visibility and influence of the exhibition, the organizing committee has traveled to the United States, France, Germany, Spain, Russia, Italy and other countries for similar exhibitions in recent years, and cooperated with internationally renowned magazine media through various channels. Invite high-end international buyers. The Asian Pool SPA Expo will continue to build an international business exchange platform for the pool SPA industry to help Chinese pool SPA companies take the road of export and spread better pool SPA material suppliers and technologies internationally. We believe that we have the joint support of everyone And hard work, the exhibition will move towards a more brilliant future.

[Exhibition Scope]
Exhibits in 2020
◆ SPA Spa
◆ Sauna bathing class ◆ Hot water and water treatment class
◆ Water park
◆ Supporting Services
◆ Water Fountain
[Exhibition Fee]
There are many channels for audience organization:
1) Database optimization: refine the big data of heat energy supply and consumer industry chain, and promote it from time to time;
2) Media cooperation: press release, banner swap, advertisement swap, advertisement publishing, resource swap and other forms, or adopt a strategic cooperation model, and cooperate with the media to help disseminate exhibition information and assist in soliciting investment;
3) Exhibition and event cooperation: Participate in the same type or related types of exhibitions / events (forums, conferences, lectures, annual meetings, press conferences, cocktail parties, etc.), publicize the exhibition, meet people in the industry, and collect information such as business cards and conference catalogues;
4) Information sending: Send H5 dynamic page (Yiqixiu); send tickets, invitation letters, exhibition introduction, etc .;
5) Telephone invitation: The project team, the business center, and the International Department will call the audience to invite the audience; the target task will be divided into people and time to ensure the implementation and achieve the goal.
6) Call center: more than 50 call teams contact the companies in the database by phone every day;
7) WeChat publicity: make full use of WeChat public account channels, accumulate fans, and expand exhibition communication;
8) Forum improvement: Based on the nature of the industry, various communication modes such as table / round table can be adopted; the highlights of each forum activity are different; industry arguments are updated in time to keep up with the times;
9) Customer visits: visits to companies / associations / trading markets in the industry, etc., and plans for visits in advance;
10) Exhibitor cooperation: disseminate information through customers in the hands of exhibitors, and invite dealers, agents and other industry professionals;
11) Celebrity effect: invite leaders / experts / elite / stars and other famous and influential people in the circle to participate in the exhibition activities to attract audiences;
12) Ticket strategy: All tickets are printed with commercial value; early registration is free for the audience, and the application procedures are simple; on-site registration may be charged;
13) International promotion: through international related industry associations, media and exhibitions, comprehensively promote and promote at the same time (cooperative associations, media, B2B platforms, participation, email, phone, social software invitations, etc.);
14) Group messaging: email, QQ / group, WeChat / group, mobile phone text message, etc .;

Guangdong Foreign Economic Cooperation Enterprise Association Guangdong Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Economic and Trade Cooperation Promotion Association
Guangdong Hongwei International Exhibition Group Co., Ltd.
Support Units:
International Sauna Association Korea SPA Association Guangdong Bathing Recreation Association Asian Spa and Wellness Promotion Committee
Guangdong Hongwei International Exhibition Group Co., Ltd.
【contact details】
Organizing Committee Hotline: 18620576528
Zhou Jianfeng (same number on WeChat)
QQ: 2129145534
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