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2019 North China (Shahe) International Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Expo

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Exhibition Name: 2019 North China (Shahe) International Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Expo
Development time: 2019-09-10
End time: 2019-09-12
Exhibition Hall : 2019 Warsaw River International Convention and Exhibition Center

【Exhibition Overview】
Exhibition Features

The exhibition is large-scale and high-grade, organized by the government authority, the operation of the exhibition is regular, and the exhibition services are professional.
Relevant governments and related organizations at home and abroad actively participate in group exhibitions and visits. The exhibition is long, there are many professional audiences, the exhibition effect is good, and the transaction volume is large.
The first-rate buyers gathered and converged, taking various measures to promote trade transactions and economic and technological cooperation, and the supply and demand sides had a zero-distance exhibition.
Online and offline multi-channel three-dimensional publicity, TV, newspapers, websites, magazines, WeChat and other comprehensive promotion.

Target audience

Government agencies: provincial and municipal environmental protection bureaus / bureaus, development and reform commissions, housing construction bureaus / bureaus, industry and information bureaus / bureaus, urban management bureaus, garden bureaus, industrial park management commissions, environmental monitoring centers (stations), etc .;
Public utilities: sewage treatment plant, thermal power plant, water supply, solid waste management center, municipal engineering, city appearance and sanitation institute, etc .;
Industrial users: steel, metallurgy, electricity, petroleum, chemicals, cement, building materials, mining, machinery manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, light industry, electronics, electroplating, batteries, textile printing and dyeing, packaging and printing, pharmaceuticals, food, paper, manufacturing Leather, rubber, plastics, furniture, HVAC boilers and other general managers, production department, technology department, environmental protection department, procurement department;
Engineering unit: person in charge of environmental protection engineering company, engineering construction unit, environmental assessment unit, environmental supervision;
Scientific research units: responsible persons of environmental science research institutes, environmental colleges, and engineering design institutes;
Associations / Societies: Persons in charge of environmental protection associations, environmental science societies, municipal sanitation associations, etc. at all levels;
Overseas groups: Consulates of various countries in China, environmental groups / chambers of commerce, representative offices of trade groups, etc .;
Others: environmental protection product agents, distributors, supervision units, and heads of environmental assessment agencies.

Concurrent activities

Holding local environmental protection project promotion and environmental protection industrial park investment conference;
Environmental Enterprise Forum / Lecture and New Technology, New Product Launch Conference;
Held "International Environmental Patent Technology Promotion and Environmental Innovation Technology Application Promotion Exchange Conference";

[Exhibition Scope]
Environmental monitoring instruments, air pollution treatment, water pollution treatment, solid waste treatment and disposal, ecological restoration and protection, environmental protection engineering design / construction and operation, environmental pollution third party treatment, rural environment continuous treatment, environmental testing, etc .;
Environmental emergency technologies and equipment, noise pollution control equipment, energy saving and new energy equipment, and environmental protection technology transformation

[Exhibition Fee]

Booth charges

1. Booth category Standard booth (3 3 / 9㎡) Double-opening booth will be charged 10 % Indoor open space (from 36㎡)
Domestic enterprises 8000 yuan / booth 800 yuan / ㎡
Foreign companies USD 2000 / Booth USD 200 / ㎡
Supporting facilities for standard booths: three-sided enclosure, one table and two chairs, one fascia, 220V power socket, carpet, and two spotlights.
There are no supporting facilities in the indoor open space, and the management fee for special decoration is 20 yuan / ㎡ / exhibition period
2. Enterprise forums and lectures: 20,000 yuan / field (40 minutes) Provide audio, projection, tables and chairs, tea, and help companies organize professional audiences.
3. Thematic supply and demand exchange matchmaking: 20,000 yuan / field, each topic is limited to 3 suppliers.
4. Title / Co-sponsorship / Sponsorship Fees: The exclusive title of the North China (Shahe) International Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Expo 2019 is 380,000; co-organizers are 80,000; sponsors are 30,000; dinner sponsors are 60,000 (co-organized by the expo and forum; estimated 30 table)
Advertisements for conference catalogues, on-site advertisements for exhibitions, corporate forums, lectures, naming, co-sponsoring, and sponsorship programs are available from the organizing committee.

Exhibiting Procedure

If you decide to participate, please fill in the application form for registration-→ stamp with official seal-→ fax to the organizing committee-→ seal of the organizing committee to confirm the qualification of participation-→ the exhibitors pay 50 % Deposit or full participation fee-→ The booth of the organizing committee is determined, and the organizing committee arranges the booths according to the registration time and payment order → pay the remaining balance before July 30, 2018 → the booth is completely determined.
For conference reception, accommodation, and consignment of exhibits, please refer to the Exhibitor Manual Registration Deadline: August 30, 2019.

Organization <br /> Management Committee of Shahe Economic and Technological Development Zone

【contact details】
For exhibiting inquiries, please contact the organizer : Lei Tao Convention and Exhibition (Beijing) Co., Ltd. <br /> Phone / Tel: 010-86464169 Fax / Fax: 0319-8786302
Contact: Miss Kong 15833639647 Online QQ: 2038901241
address / add : Shahe International Convention and Exhibition Center at the intersection of Weisan Road and Jingwu Road, Shahe City, Xingtai, Hebei

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