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2019 (sixth) Vietnam Coatings, Ink and Printing Industry Exhibition (Coating Vietnam 2019)

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Exhibition Name: 2019 (Sixth) Vietnam Coatings, Ink and Printing Industry Exhibition (Coating Vietnam 2019)
Development time: 2019-06-26
End time: 2019-06-28
Venue : Saigon International Exhibition Center (SECC), Ho Chi Minh , Vietnam

【Exhibition Overview】
Exhibition time : June 26-28, 2019
Saigon International Exhibition Center (SECC), Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Exhibition Introduction <br /> This exhibition is co-organized by CNCIC and VEAS Exhibition Company. It is a professional exhibition focusing on the coating industry in Vietnam. The exhibition was strongly supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) and the Vietnam Coatings and Ink Association (VPIA). During the exhibition, the 2018 Vietnam Industrial Exhibition was held.

The exhibition provides exhibitors with a direct opportunity to meet decision makers and buyers from the Vietnamese coatings industry. In the last exhibition, the coatings area had 82 exhibiting companies from Vietnam, China, India, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. Through close cooperation with many industry organizations and professional media, the exhibition has continuously expanded the publicity of the exhibition, further enhanced the industry influence and coverage of the exhibition, and increased the number and quality of visitors. The exhibition attracted professional visitors and buyers from Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, the United States, Australia, Iran, Uzbekistan, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and other countries and regions. Exhibitors use this platform to show the latest products, technologies and services in the coatings industry to the Vietnamese market, gain cooperation opportunities, and develop and expand the market. Holding a wealth of professional conference and forum activities during the exhibition helps to understand the current situation of the industry and the future market development trends more comprehensively. Before the show, the organizer specially organized a delegation to conduct factory visits and local paint market inspection activities to help enterprises understand the production, demand and sales of local products.

Market Situation <br /> Vietnam is a socialist country in Asia and will become one of the fastest-growing economies in Asia in the future. In recent years, Vietnam is intensifying the construction of roads, railways, and hydropower stations and other residential infrastructure in major cities. As one of the ASEAN member countries, Vietnam is the best springboard and convenience for Chinese products to enter the ASEAN 500 million consumer market. aisle. China has become Vietnam's largest trading partner, bringing unlimited business opportunities to Chinese and Vietnamese companies.

Despite the global economic recession in recent years, Vietnam's coatings industry is still growing, and Vietnam is also a booming region for coatings in Southeast Asia. According to Nguyen Thi Lac Huyen, chairman of the Vietnam Paint and Coatings Industry Association, there are many positive factors in promoting the development of the Vietnamese coatings and ink industry. This is the pillar industry of many other industries. The development of the construction industry and the increase in infrastructure projects will greatly increase the impact on paint. Demand for coatings. As for the ink industry, there are many consumer products that need to improve packaging to promote their development. In the previous year, Vietnam ’s paint and ink industry output value exceeded 1.6 billion US dollars, showing a strong growth trend.

The development of the Vietnamese coatings market is mainly focused on decorative, marine and protective coatings. Among them, decorative coatings account for the largest market share, mainly due to the growing demand of the construction industry and the increasing consumption of high value-added coatings by the middle class. Another new market to watch is wood coatings, which are mainly targeted at special applications and domestic needs. In addition, due to the rapid growth in the use of motorcycles and mopeds nationwide, the consumption of motorcycle coatings is also increasing. Vietnam ranks 11th in world ship production. In order to meet the growing demand for maritime and protective coatings, the Vietnamese government is actively promoting industrial investment in this area. In terms of printing and ink, the Vietnamese industry produced 18,850 tons in 2011, with an output value of 57 million US dollars. Vietnam coating production can meet about half of national consumption. Vietnam imports more than 80 coatings % From Taiwan, Indonesia, China, Thailand. Meanwhile, about 70 % Raw materials for coating production need to be imported. It is worth noting that the export market of Vietnamese coatings is also growing, mainly because of the advantages of low operating costs in Vietnam, which has attracted many multinational companies to invest and build factories in Vietnam. In addition, Vietnamese enterprises are also actively investing in the introduction of production equipment to meet the market's demand for product quantity and quality, and in the future, strategically aim at environmental protection, safety and efficiency as the development direction. At present, many Chinese companies have invested in Vietnam to build factories. In addition, the Vietnamese government has established a series of industrial parks in the surrounding areas of Ho Chi Minh. Some international companies, such as Sigma and Nippon, have established coatings production plants in Vietnam. The Vietnamese coatings industry is reaping the return on investment over the past five years. In the industrial coatings market, the Asia-Pacific market is expected to continue to grow above the global average. The Vietnamese market is an important part of the Asia-Pacific market. More and more industry-leading coating manufacturers and raw material suppliers are seeking or expanding their investment in Vietnam, and overseas investors are using actual actions to prove their confidence in the development of the Vietnamese coatings market.

[Exhibition Scope]
Exhibition contents <br /> Coatings, coating raw materials, inks, paints, varnishes, adhesives, sealants, pigments, fillers, intermediates, additives, dyes, resins, curing agents, solvents, additives, paraffin, protective coatings; Packaging equipment, production equipment, surface treatment materials and equipment, laboratory equipment, testing instruments, environmental protection and safety technologies and services, etc.
[Exhibition Fee]
Charges <br /> Please contact us
(Approval documents for overseas exhibition groups can be provided to assist exhibitors to apply for government funding for booth fees in various places.)

Registration method <br /> The applicant should fill in the registration form (receipt) with the official seal and fax it to our center. At the same time, the booth fee and registration fee will be remitted to the designated account below. The booths will be arranged in accordance with the order of remittances of exhibitors.
Account Name: China National Chemical Information Center Co., Ltd. Account Bank: Bank of China Anding Road Sub-branch Account No .: 345458471376

China National Chemical Information Center Co., Ltd. (Organization of China National Pavilion)

【contact details】
China National Chemical Information Center Co., Ltd. (Organization of China National Pavilion)
Song Yajie Phone number: 13269635533 Phone: 010-64420778
E-mail: songyj@cncic.cn QQ: 654699563
Address: 33 Anding Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China Post Code: 100029
Material suppliers are seeking or expanding investment in Vietnam, and overseas investors are using actual actions to prove their confidence in the development of the Vietnamese coatings market.

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China National Chemical Information Center has the National Library and the Chemical Information Institute, which has the most professional journals in the chemical industry.

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