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Continuous on-line monitoring system for flue gas emissions

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Keywords: continuous smoke monitoring online

Product model: TGH-YX

Application: Atmospheric control

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The flue gas online monitoring system is a high-end environmental protection monitoring device developed by the company based on years of experience in the field of on-line flue gas monitoring and industrial process gas analysis. It is suitable for discharging flue gas from pollution sources such as industrial boilers, power plant boilers, industrial kiln and waste incinerator. Continuous monitoring of gas, and online analysis of production process gas in metallurgy, coking, cement, chemical and other industries.


Modular structure design, flexible configuration;

Automatic range and manual calibration to ensure system measurement accuracy;

Fault self-diagnosis, long maintenance cycle and high degree of automation;

Fast response time is conducive to feedback and control of high-efficiency production processes;

Powerful software can be used for data collection, display and report generation;

Easy maintenance and low operating cost;

The system has strong expandability and can fully meet the needs of different customers.

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