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Xiaoqing Environmental Protection: Biological Deodorization Technology

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First, the working principle

(1) Principle of biological deodorization

Biological deodorization is the deodorization by the action of microorganisms on the specific surface area of the carrier filler under appropriate conditions. The odorous substances are first absorbed by the filler, and then oxidized and decomposed by the microorganisms attached to the filler, thereby completing the deodorizing process. In order to keep the microorganisms highly active, a good living environment must be created for them, such as: suitable humidity, pH value, oxygen content, temperature, and nutritional components. The actual production design requires that the relative humidity of the carrier filler is maintained at 80 to 95%, so spraying raw sewage or the water from the primary sedimentation tank is often used to provide moisture and nutrients. The microbial deodorization technology is to use a biological deodorant made of environmentally intentional microorganisms to deodorize the odor source that emits malodorous gases. The deodorant can be applied to centralized or dispersed malodor treatment, and is convenient and flexible to use.

Basic principle: Under appropriate environmental conditions, the microorganisms attached to the biological filler use pollutants in the exhaust gas as energy to maintain life activities and decompose them into CO2 + H2O and other inorganic salts, so that the exhaust gas is purified.

(2) Filler selection

The main part of the biological deodorization tower is the packing. A good carrier filler must meet the following requirements: rich types of microorganisms allowed to grow; large specific surface area for habitat growth; reasonable nutritional components (N, P, K and trace elements); good water absorption; Good adsorption; uniform structure; large porosity; materials are easily available and cheap; aging resistance; simple operation and maintenance. Common fillers are: plastic, semi-flexible plastic, dried bark, hay, fibrous peat or mixtures thereof. The stacking height of the deodorizing tower packing depends on the required residence time and surface load.

The filling height in engineering is generally 1.0 ~ 1.2 m. If the proper packing is selected, the process can achieve uniform gas distribution and eliminate short circuit of airflow, the minimum height can be 0.5 m.

Serial number Control item Level 1 standard Secondary standard
1 ammonia 1.5 4
2 Hydrogen sulfide 0.06 0.32
3 Methyl mercaptan 0.007 0.02
4 Methyl sulfide 0.07 0.55
5 Odor concentration (multiple) 20 60
6 Methane gas (highest concentration in the plant area) 5 5
7 Chlorine 0.4 0.6

Application area

Composting, garbage incineration, garbage leachate conditioning tanks, garbage transfer stations; garbage inlets, sewage aeration tanks, etc .; coatings, organic raw materials, pesticides, pharmaceutical wastewater, paper mills, gas stations Purification and treatment of malodorous gases, such as manure treatment.

Third, the main processing object

For humans, the importance of low-level odor is mainly due to the psychological pressure caused by the odor. Sulfur-containing organic compounds are the main targets of malodorous gases. Others include volatile organic compounds such as toluene, lower aliphatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, and aldehydes.

Fourth, the main features:

(1) The odor treatment effect is very good, and it can meet the most stringent environmental protection requirements in all places in any season.

(2) No secondary pollution occurs.

(3) The microorganisms can grow on the organic matter in the filler, without the need to add additional nutrients. Therefore, the restarting speed is fast after the shutdown, and the shutdown can be achieved immediately at the weekend or after a shutdown of 1 to 1 week, and the best processing effect can be achieved within a few hours. Stopping the operation for 3 to 4 weeks and restarting immediately has a good processing effect, and the best processing effect is restored within a few days.

(4) Large buffer capacity, can automatically adjust the concentration peak so that microorganisms always work normally, and has a strong ability to withstand shock loads.

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1st floor Son of the Wind

Come to learn. There are several questions to ask. How to control the "appropriate humidity, pH, oxygen content, temperature and nutrients"? Microbial growth requires a stable environment. Will changes in exhaust gas flow affect microbial activity? Do you need a buffer device in front of the biological tower?

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