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Beijing Xiaoqing Environmental Protection Group

Xiaoqing Environmental Protection is one of the earliest environmental protection enterprises in China. Under the leadership of Mr. Han Xiaoqing, the president, it focused on China's environmental protection cause and set a precedent for China's environmental protection industry. Xiaoqing Environmental Protection has made outstanding contributions in the fields of sewage treatment, reclaimed water reuse, water supply treatment, waste gas treatment, solid waste treatment, noise treatment, and environmental impact assessment, and has been widely praised by the industry.

Main businesses: pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, beer industry, dairy industry, coating wastewater industry, coating production industry, food industry electronics industry engineering

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Xiaoqing Environmental Protection: Waste Incineration Technology (Rotary Kiln with Pyrolysis) 2012-03-07

Abstract: The incineration method is a high-temperature heat treatment technology, that is, a certain amount of excess air and the treated organic waste are oxidized and combusted in the incinerator. The harmful and toxic substances in the waste are oxidized and heated at a high temperature of 800-1200 C The solution was destroyed and it was one ... Popularity: 4267

Xiaoqing Environmental Protection: Biological Deodorization Technology

Abstract: Biological deodorization is the deodorization by the action of microorganisms on the specific surface area of the carrier filler under appropriate conditions. The odorous substances are first absorbed by the filler, and then oxidized and decomposed by the microorganisms attached to the filler, thereby completing the deodorizing process. To keep the microorganisms ... popularity: 27171

Xiaoqing unique superior technology and engineering case for difficult wastewater treatment 2012-03-07

Abstract: Xiaoqing Environmental Protection Group was founded in 1988 and has passed 23 years of environmental protection. It has been highly committed to the field of sewage treatment. It integrates scientific research and design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, operation management and consulting services to provide one stop. Environmental protection services; after ... popularity: 6217

Normal temperature and pressure catalytic oxidation technology for treating sewage

Abstract: The catalyst preparation method is reliable, the loss rate is low, the service life is long, and there is no heavy metal pollution. Catalytic oxidation reactor has high efficiency, short process flow, small floor area, and strong adaptability to sewage. It can not only degrade organic matter, but also process cyanide-containing compounds. Popularity: 30056

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1st floor Shandong Jinshuanglian Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. Review article Xiaoqing unique superior technology and engineering case for difficult wastewater treatment2015-05-04

Reply to undefined on the 3rd floor: HAF has the following characteristics: ② Short startup time, COD removal rate can reach about 50 <h>% </ h> after 2 weeks, and no anaerobic sludge inoculation is required; bragging force

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2F Shanghai Pu'er Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Review article Xiaoqing Environmental Protection: "Same governance of mud and water" highlights extraordinary technical power

This technology is good! Will not cause secondary pollution.

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3rd floor undefined review article Xiaoqing unique advantage technology and engineering case of difficult wastewater treatment 2012-06-25

Reply to Wang Jinfu: What is the meaning of blind idiot?

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4th floor Nick review article Langfang Libang Coating Co., Ltd. sewage treatment project

Hope to share details

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5th floor Azhu comment article Langfang Libang Coating Co., Ltd. sewage treatment project2012-05-15

That's all?

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6th Floor Hebei Keli Environmental Protection Air Conditioning Engineering Co., Ltd. Comment article Xiaoqing Environmental Protection signed a contract for the Sanmenxia Shaanxi Sewage Treatment Plant Project in Henan 2012-05-14

We specialize in water treatment equipment, mainly glass fiber reinforced plastic equipment, high quality and low price. If necessary, please contact me at 13931802218, Manager Li.

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7th Floor Hebei Keli Environmental Protection Air Conditioning Engineering Co., Ltd. Review article Langfang Libang Coating Co., Ltd. Sewage Treatment Project 2012-05-14

We also do water treatment equipment, and look forward to cooperating and making progress together!

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8th floor Son of the wind review article Xiaoqing environmental protection: biological deodorization technology 2012-05-14

Come to learn. There are several questions to ask. How to control the "appropriate humidity, pH, oxygen content, temperature and nutrients"? Microbial growth requires a stable environment. Will changes in exhaust gas flow affect microbial activity? Do you need a buffer device in front of the biological tower?

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9th floor Nick review article Langfang Libang Coating Co., Ltd. sewage treatment project

There is no attachment, I am more interested in this case

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10th floor Mr. Xiong commented on the sewage treatment project of Langfang Libang Coating Co., Ltd. 2012-04-23

Don't know if there is a picture

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