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Sewage treatment project of Pengzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital

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project name Sewage treatment project of Pengzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital
Construction site Pengzhou Construction start time 2016-12-13 Construction end time 2017-7-18
Construction nature New Engineering investment Wastewater properties
Processing scale 400 tons / day Inlet water quality Water quality
Treatment process Biochemical treatment + disinfection treatment. Running cost Contract scope
Engineering description

Project introduction: The hospital is located at 396 South Street, Tianpeng Town, Pengzhou City, covering an area of 14,326 square meters, a building area of 35,391 square meters, and 583 beds. The hospital has 19 first-class clinical departments, 12 medical technology departments, and 20 TCM specialist clinics. Orthopedics, rehabilitation, oncology, cardiovascular disease, and spleen and stomach disease are provincial key TCM specialty construction units, including Chengdu There are 6 key Chinese medicine specialties in the city. The hospital newly built a 10,000 square meters inpatient comprehensive building. At the end of 2015, the 15,400 square meters comprehensive treatment building was put into use. The sewage treatment equipment of Pengzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital: Treatment capacity: 400 tons / day. Treatment process: biochemical treatment + disinfection treatment. Construction unit: Chengdu Youpu Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. Commissioning time: 2016 Installation progress: Installation is complete.

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