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Yanshan Petrochemical Rubber Plant Process Waste Gas Treatment System

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project name Yanshan Petrochemical Rubber Plant Process Waste Gas Treatment System
Construction site Construction start time Construction end time
Construction nature New Engineering investment Wastewater properties
Processing scale Inlet water quality Water quality
Treatment process Running cost Contract scope
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Service content: system design, equipment supply, system integration, system maintenance

Project Overview: Yanshan Petrochemical Rubber Factory is currently the only factory producing butyl rubber in China. The supply exceeds demand. In order to meet the needs of the market, the factory decided in 2007 to expand its production capacity to 4.5 tons of butyl rubber per year. In the production process of butyl rubber production line, organic waste gas such as methyl chloride is difficult to be processed, causing harm to the atmospheric environment and personnel. In order to meet the emission control requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency, to ensure the clean atmosphere of Beijing and the physical and mental health of employees, thermal The three-stage treatment process of oxidation, quenching and vertical chemical scrubbers for tail gas treatment has created a precedent for the treatment of organic waste gas containing chloromethane in China. The process device is characterized by a high overall treatment rate and a removal rate of 99% of organic waste gas. % Above, and use less water, less power, less alkali, high degree of automation, the entire overall three-level processing runs under the automatic control system, without manual intervention; safe and reliable, the system's interlocking and detection mechanism is complete When there is a serious problem, the system will automatically stop and cut off the exhaust gas. When a general problem occurs, the system will give an alarm; save energy, the system automatically adjusts the amount and proportion of gas and air according to the oxidation temperature to reduce energy waste; less equipment investment and occupation Less space.

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