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Bluestar Toray ultra-low pressure reverse osmosis membrane energy consumption drops by 30%

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“Bluestar Toray ’s ultra-low pressure and durable reverse osmosis TOF membrane was launched in the Chinese market in the first half of this year. It has a 1.5-fold increase in water permeability and can be used in areas such as brackish water desalination and wastewater reuse. "Recently, Zhao Jie, technical manager of Bluestar Toray Membrane Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., was confident when interviewed by reporters. Say.

Zhao Jie introduced to reporters that Blue Star Toray recently launched this new product at the 2014 National Energy and Emission Reduction and Low-Carbon Environmental Protection Technology Exchange Conference of the National Petroleum and Chemical Industry. This reverse osmosis membrane mainly controls the interaction between cross-linked polyamide molecules, enlarges the fine voids between polyamide molecules that are generally impermeable to water molecules, and increases the number of pores that are permeable to water. Breakthrough of high permeability under low pressure operation. The new membrane further reduces the pore size of the pores used to maintain durability and removal performance, so that it can form a separation function layer that is difficult to change the pore structure even if the external environment changes. With high durability. In addition, the membrane improves the stability of the multi-layer structure of the separation functional layer through molecular design and precise interface polymerization technology, ensuring that the membrane element has a high salt rejection rate of up to 99.7% and a greater water yield under extremely low pressure. While ensuring performance, it can reduce energy consumption by 33%, and has strong chemical durability, which can extend the service life of the film.

Zhao Jie said that the development of ultra-low pressure membrane is to meet the more practical problems of customers. It has the characteristics of large water production, low pressure, strong energy saving and good operation under low pressure. The water quality in China is relatively complicated, and many owners have no experience in this area, and the application of this low-pressure membrane has different focuses. At present, the ultra-low pressure durable reverse osmosis TOF membrane produced by Bluestar Toray has been successfully used in many domestic desalination, sewage reuse and ultrapure water projects. Large municipal projects Caofeidian (50,000 tons / day), Qingdao (100,000 tons / day), Inner Mongolia (100,000 tons / day), Tianjin (45,000 tons / day), etc. have been put into operation successively.
It is understood that China is currently the largest market for reverse osmosis membranes, but its products mainly rely on imports.

Localization of ultra-low-pressure membrane will make a lot of progress

Since entering the Chinese market, Blue Star Toray has successively introduced brackish water film, anti-pollution film and ultra-low pressure film. While bringing the film making process to the Chinese market, it has also opened a breakthrough for Chinese users to get rid of dependence on imports. The application fields of reverse osmosis membranes are mainly concentrated in core enterprises such as power plants, steel plants, chemical and coal chemical industries. In the future, the localization of reverse osmosis membranes will provide a strong guarantee for the country's water safety.

Membrane separation technology is known as "industrial kidney". With the continuous improvement of China's drinking water quality standards, it has also become the "safeguard" of municipal residents' drinking water. The application of reverse osmosis membrane originated from abroad, and it is currently mainly used in various cooling and circulating water treatment in seawater and brackish water desalination, industrial boiler make-up water, oil refining, petrochemical and other industries, as well as municipal sewage treatment, reclaimed water reuse and other fields. . Compared with ordinary reverse osmosis membranes, ultra-low pressure reverse osmosis membranes can not only increase the membrane's water production and salt removal rate at a lower pressure, but also significantly improve the anti-pollution capability of the membrane, which greatly reduces the operating cost. . At present, the safety of drinking water is the focus of attention of the whole society, and ultra-low pressure reverse osmosis membranes also play a significant role in water treatment.

Although the ultra-low pressure reverse osmosis membrane has a wide market, in terms of industrialization, the United States, Japan, and Europe basically dominate the development direction of the world membrane technology and monopolize the membrane market. In response to the actual problems of domestic customers, the domestic research and development, domestically produced ultra-low-pressure membranes ended the dilemma of China's low-pressure membranes relying on imports. The localization of ultra-low-pressure membranes can not only accelerate the development of China's low-pressure membrane industry, but also domestic-made membranes can be adjusted in time for technical and technological adjustments in accordance with the differences in water quality in different regions of China, which effectively guarantees the safety of water for citizens.

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