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Bluestar Toray Membrane Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

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Bluestar Toray Membrane Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Bluestar Toray Membrane Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as TBMC) is a membrane series product jointly invested by Japan Toray Co., Ltd. and China Bluestar (Group) Co., Ltd., a world leader in membrane water treatment industry. Production of joint ventures. The factory invested 98 million U.S. dollars, introduced world-class technology, and established a production base for complete sets of reverse osmosis products in China. Relying on the world's largest reuse of wastewater, desalination, ...

Main business: reverse osmosis membrane

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1st floor Dou review article Blue Star Toray obtains ISO quality, environment, and occupational health management system certification 2012-01-16

We ca n’t do a lot of products because we do n’t follow the operating procedures or work instructions. Many people think that they can modify the operating method. So, a fool can make a good product, but a “smart guy” ca n’t make a good product. The reason is because Projects that rely on the collective wisdom and experience of the team many times you ca n’t understand, you do n’t understand it, you think it ’s a mess, such as the rain-proof steps at the entrance of the Shanghai Metro, the buffering turn similar to the northern door bucket that prevents the air conditioning wind from being lost, a nail Eye-catching, non-cooperative energy and other resources are used independently instead of interoperating, reuse, thick separation, and light utilization strategies. Freely giving up face, giving up self, and actively cooperating can achieve resource reuse, reuse, and reduce resource consumption, so that a group of factories can win future low-cost competitive advantages. . .

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