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Nitrate nitrogen wastewater treatment / total nitrogen wastewater treatment

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How to remove nitrate nitrogen

(Suzhou Zhanqing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., 215300 )

Introduction: For nitrate nitrogen, the properties are very stable, mainly because nitrate nitrogen caused by nitrate exceeds the standard. It is not possible to perform redox treatment with chemicals. 进行处理,能够彻底解决硝态氮超标问题,占地面积小,反应时间快,脱氮效率高。 The treatment by Zhanqing's environmentally-friendly high-efficiency denitrification equipment HDN-1 can completely solve the problem of nitrate nitrogen exceeding the standard, with a small footprint, fast response time, and high nitrogen removal efficiency.

First, the nature of nitrate nitrogen

Nitrate nitrogen refers to the nitrogen element contained in nitrate. Organic matter in water and soil decomposes to form ammonium salts, which are oxidized into nitrate nitrogen. Many industrial wastewaters contain a large amount of nitrate nitrogen, and industries such as mechanochemistry use a large amount of nitrate-related raw materials as oxidants. Animal feed plants and poultry processing plants usually use nitrates or nitrites as antioxidants. In addition, wastewater containing large amounts of ammonia nitrogen produced by other industries such as ferroalloys, oil refining, meat processing, tannery, etc., also contains high concentrations of nitrate nitrogen in the effluent after oxidation or nitrification. Almost all nitrate compounds are soluble. And the solubility is very large, which leads to the rapid migration and diffusion of nitrate in water and soil,

As a result of a wide range of nitrate and nitrogen pollution, the removal of nitrate and nitrogen in wastewater has received widespread attention from environmental protection workers in various countries.

Second, the common treatment of nitrate nitrogen

Common denitrification methods include chemical denitrification (zero-valent iron and magnesium reduction, ion exchange, reverse osmosis electrodialysis, catalytic denitrification) and biological denitrification.


At present, in the treatment method of nitrate nitrogen, chemical reduction of nitrate nitrogen will generate dangerous gases such as nitrogen oxide gas, and it is not used much. The methods of ion exchange, reverse osmosis, and adsorption are actually the transfer and concentration of nitrate nitrogen, which cannot really remove the nitrate nitrogen inside.

The more common denitrification method is the method of microbial denitrification. Traditional biochemical processes convert nitrate nitrogen to nitrogen through anaerobic processes for removal. 小时以上,才能够彻底脱氮,大大降低了脱氮效率。 However, due to the relatively low nitrogen removal load of traditional biochemicals, the site requirements are high in practical applications. The anaerobic stage needs to stay for more than 12 hours to be able to completely remove nitrogen, which greatly reduces the nitrogen removal efficiency.

Third, the introduction of nitrate nitrogen removal equipment

Zhanqing Environmental Protection's self-developed high-efficiency denitrification equipment is specifically aimed at nitrate nitrogen in total nitrogen, which can convert nitrate nitrogen to nitrogen emissions, with a small footprint and high nitrogen removal efficiency.

Fourth, the characteristics of nitrate nitrogen removal equipment

The nitrate nitrogen removal equipment designed by Zhanqing Environmental Protection has the following technical characteristics:

:使用天然玄武岩经过表面处理,表面亲水性大大提高,具有更丰富的微观孔道结构。 Professional custom fillers to increase microbial density : After using natural basalt to undergo surface treatment, the surface hydrophilicity is greatly improved, and it has a richer micropore structure. As a result, a large number of microorganisms can be attached, and the number of microorganisms per unit volume is greatly increased. At the same time, the microorganisms form a multilayer microbial film on the surface of the filler, which can make the microorganisms more resistant to environmental fluctuations.

:使用厌氧污菌种过三年的培养而成,通过在此过程中改变厌氧细菌的生存条件,不断刺激筛选,选出高适应,高活性的菌种。 Specially cultivate bacteria and improve denitrification efficiency : it is made by culturing anaerobic bacteria for three years. By changing the living conditions of anaerobic bacteria in this process, it is continuously stimulated and selected to select highly adaptable and highly active bacteria. . ,重金属浓度,总盐分浓度,毒性物质,温度等多个条件,使得筛选后的细菌能够耐酸碱,抗重金属,抗毒性并且耐低温以及耐水质波动。 In this process, various conditions such as pH , heavy metal concentration, total salt concentration, toxic substances, and temperature in the bacterial environment were changed, so that the screened bacteria could be resistant to acid and alkali, heavy metals, toxicity, and low temperature and water. fluctuation.

:设备内部流态经过特殊优化设计,建立了顺畅的排气微通道,促使生成的氮气快速从内部排出,减少反应器死区及无效空间,提高了反应器稳定性和脱氮效率。 Nitrogen removal technology to accelerate the denitrification forward : the internal flow pattern of the equipment is specially optimized and a smooth exhaust microchannel is established to promote the rapid discharge of the generated nitrogen from the inside, reducing the reactor dead zone and invalid space, and Reactor stability and nitrogen removal efficiency.

Fifth, the effectiveness of nitrate nitrogen treatment equipment

Zhanqing environmentally-friendly nitrate nitrogen treatment equipment has the following effects, can completely solve the problem of nitrate nitrogen exceeding standards, and has the characteristics of high nitrogen removal efficiency, small footprint, easy operation and maintenance, low sludge production, and low operating costs. Total nitrogen is up to standard.

3 d ,出水总氮稳定达标。 High denitrification efficiency-the normal operation denitrification load is 1kg N / m 3 d , and the total nitrogen in the effluent reaches the standard stably.

的处理量,降低20mg/L总氮,占地面积仅6 ㎡。 Small footprint- 10t / h processing capacity, reducing 20mg / L total nitrogen, occupying only 6 square meters.

Easy to operate and maintain-fully automatic control, no need to change the packing, low backwash water volume and low frequency.

Low sludge production-a small amount of microorganisms discharged from backwashing flow back to the biochemical tank and continue to decompose.

的总氮,吨水成本小于1元。 Low operating cost-removing 20 mg / L of total nitrogen and less than 1 yuan per ton of water.
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