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Elastic Hanger / Non-linear Elastic Hanger

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Keywords: sound insulation device

Product number:

Application: noise and vibration control

Product Price: Negotiable

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Through a specially designed damping metal device. 产品质量稳定,工艺条件控制方便。 Made with high-tech technology , product quality is stable , and process conditions are easy to control. Have good vibration isolation effect.

Product Category:
Core material: metal building material
90kg120kg Specifications: 60kg , 90kg , 120kg
Shape: Hanger
Finish: Blue

The combination of a special damping material and a special spring guarantees a good effect in isolating low-frequency noise and avoids high-frequency failure.

娱乐场所的吊顶及工厂、民用设备用房等多种应用领域。 Suitable for ceilings in homes, bars, KTV entertainment venues, factories, houses for civilian equipment and many other applications.

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