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MBR's Engineering Application for Reuse of Slaughtering Wastewater

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In the past two years, the membrane bioreactor MBR (Membrane Bioreactor, MBR) has entered the practical stage in China [8]. It is a new water treatment technology combining membrane separation unit and biological treatment unit. Compared with traditional biological treatment technology, it has good effluent water quality, small equipment footprint, high activated sludge concentration, and excess sludge. Low output, convenient for automatic control, and effluent can be directly reused, which has attracted widespread attention, and has become the preferred solution for reclaimed water reuse in China. The technology has been successfully applied abroad for sewage reuse and treatment of fecal sewage and landfill leachate, and China is still in the initial stage of research and application. This article will introduce the engineering application of MBR process in the reuse of slaughter wastewater.
Nanjing RGE Membrane Science & Technology Co., Ltd is a well-known technology company in Jiangsu Province, founded by technical experts of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is a high-tech company with independent intellectual property rights and national patents. The turbidity of wastewater quality is large, the water quality fluctuates greatly, the oil contains bacteria and viruses, and it emits unpleasant odors. Combined with the world's most advanced double-stacked flat membrane technology, it has been thoroughly purified and treated to meet national level A emission standards, Reclaimed water reuse standard is the most professional solution provider in the field of slaughter wastewater treatment. Dozens of engineering projects have been successfully implemented across the country, and have been unanimously praised by government leaders from all walks of life.

Comments on " MBR's Engineering Application of Reclaimed Water Reuse to Slaughtering Wastewater "
1st floor Wang Shanshan

I feel that the removal rate of ammonia nitrogen by the membrane cannot be decolorized. The membrane process is only used to ensure the removal of ss and cod, and the pretreatment of slaughtering wastewater must be strictly performed, or the effect of pig hair on the later stage is particularly serious.

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2F Wang Yugu2019-05-02

Is there any case in Henan?

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