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Lianhua Technology COD Digester 5B-1F (V8)

发布时间: 2013-09-30 13:53 Popularity: 40096 Published time: 2013-09-30 13:53

Keywords: COD digester Lianhua Technology

Product model: 5B-1F

Application: water treatment

product price:

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(01) Safe and reliable: The fully transparent and integrated heat-resistant blowout hood can not only directly observe the state of the water sample, but also ensure the safety and reliability of the digestion;

(02) High-quality materials: the upper end of the digestion module is equipped with an aviation thermal insulation layer to effectively prevent burns;

(03) Convenient operation: the digestion holes are numbered, which is convenient for users to distinguish multiple water samples;

Technical indicators:
Instrument model 5B-1F (V8)
Heating speed Heat from room temperature to 165 C in 10 minutes
Temperature accuracy 1 ℃
Digestion temperature Room temperature to 190 C (can be set by the user)
Timing accuracy (seconds / hours) 1
on off timer 2
Number of digestions 12 sticks
use Can be used for COD, total phosphorus, total nitrogen digestion
Digestion capacity 0-10ml
Digestion pipe diameter Φ16mm
Blowout hood Full transparent integrated security protection
Whether to support dual temperature zone X
Display method Digital
Accommodates digestion tube height 150mm
Heating liquid depth 80mm
Operation buttons 5 people
Delay protection X
Smart heating X

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